Dec 29, 2014

Merry Christmas

Well our Christmas week didn’t go exactly as planned. Adelaide woke up sick on Monday and was sick all week. Turns out she had RSV. She is much better now, but Aedan has a mild version so once again, we are stuck at home.

We have this cute Christmas count down wall hanger and when I look at it, all I can see is how many days in December one of us was sick. We are ready for the new year! Here’s to a healthy 2015!

Santa still came despite Adelaide being sick. The kids we so fun to watch Christmas morning! I made it a point to take a lot of video Christmas morning, so I don’t have too many pictures to share.


Christmas afternoon, my parents and sister braved the germs and came over for more presents and dinner. I was going to be so bummed if they weren’t able to come so it was nice to have them over. We had so much fun visiting. I wish they all lived in town!

On Friday, Adelaide was still running a fever so she and Jon had to skip the family get together with my side of the family. Aedan and I were able to go and it was so great to see everyone.

Aedan started feeling bad on Saturday so once again we have just been hanging out at home. It has given us lots of time to play with new Christmas toys, reorganize the playroom (so there is actually room to play with the new toys), and take down Christmas decorations.

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