Apr 30, 2014

18 Months!

Adelaide is 18 months old today. 1.5!! It just seems crazy!

From this…


To this…


Adelaide. here is what you are up to at 18 months…

  • You weigh about 20 lbs. which is a good 5 lbs lighter than Aedan was at the same age. We have your check up on Thursday, so I will find out how tall you are then.
  • You wear mostly 12-18m cloths. I have started buying 18m stuff but it is a little big for you.
  • You are still taking two naps. I thought for sure you would drop down to one nap earlier than Aedan did, but it looks like you are holding onto it longer. You sleep for about 45 minutes in the morning and then for 2-2.5 hours in the afternoon. I have a feeling you will drop to one nap soon, which will be so nice for the summer!
  • You sleep from 7:30pm-7:30am every night.
  • You love your milk. We give you a cup about 4 times per day and I finally got you to start drinking it cold.
  • You are not a big eater., you never really have been. You usually eat a good breakfast and then either a decent lunch or dinner, but never both.
  • You love your “Daa-Dee”. You call for him as soon as we get home or as soon as you wake up. If you have the choice, you will always run to him if you are hurt or upset.
  • You love to play with your baby dolls. You push them in the stroller or shopping cart, you feed them baby bottles, and pretend to tickle them. You also like to build with blocks, play with cars, and irritate Aedan by attempting to destroy any Lego or block creations he has made.
  • You will try to climb just about anything. One of the parks in our neighborhood has some big kid ladders and every time we go, you attempt to climb them all. It shouldn’t surprise me since this is what you did at 11 months.


  • You are starting to talk a little more. You have been slower to use your words than Aedan, but I know you will catch up soon. Right now you have about 7-8 words and about 7-8 signs that you use a lot. Your favorite is thing to say is “ruf ruf” when we ask you what a dog says. You also say daddy, ball, car, baby, nuh nuh (for your blanket), shoes, hi, uh-oh and you sign more, all done, milk, bird, wash hands, please (usually in combo with more) and eat.
  • You love watching Baby Signing Time (which is where you have picked up most of your signs).
  • You sleep with your sheet protector over your face just like Aedan used to. So strange. I thought I was doing good this time since we have two identical sheet protectors that you like, but instead of having a backup, you prefer to carry around two. Sigh.
  • If Aedan has something or does something, you immediately want it or try to do it. It makes daddy and I laugh, but it makes Aedan pretty annoyed.
  • Aedan loves you though, he is always watching out for you when we go for walks. He “blocks” you from getting too far away or running in the street. He may or may not try to “hand cuff you for those offences as well. Ha! He also love to go in your room and talk to you in the morning or after nap time. He will tell me to wait outside and he will go in and stand at your crib and just talk about the most random things. You LOVE it. Every time I go in, you have the biggest smile on your face!

Adelaide, you are such a fun and happy toddler. We couldn’t imagine life without you! We love you so so much bitty! – Love , mommy.



Apr 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had such a fun weekend!

Friday night we ventured out the Founder’s Day parade. It was so much fun!


I remember hearing about Founder’s Day last year, but we didn’t go just because Adelaide was so little. After this year, I know we will be making in an annual tradition. We meet up with a bunch of friends and the kids had so much fun watching the parade (and eating lots of candy). It’s a whole weekend event down hear, with a carnival and everything. I think next year we will plan on making it a weekend long event for us too!

Adelaide had fun sitting in the shade snacking on Chex mix. Give this girl something to snack on and all is right with the world.


Saturday, we had a pretty lazy day around the house. We did get some much needed grocery shopping done. I don’t love going to the grocery store on the weekends, but it is so nice for it to be done for the week before Monday rolls around.

On Sunday, we did our typical family walk. We stopped at the typical park to play. Jon, Aedan and Hiro always go off exploring the creek behind the park, and Adelaide and I stay and play.

She loves to swing.


Check out this progression…she has grown so much…

5 months old


12 months old


And now…18 months old




Apr 24, 2014

Being Prepared

Now that I have two kids, I generally carry around a decent size purse.

I have never been a big purse person. In fact when I am out without kids, I usually just have my wallet, keys and phone. But, two kids need stuff. Like snacks, and water, and wipes, etc.…

I try to carry as little as possible and now that Adelaide is almost 1.5, I am starting to see the light at the end of the “carrying a billion things everywhere” phase.

When I just had Aedan, I would just keep some diapers and wipes in the car and just bring some water and snack with me. Actually, I guess that is what I do now, I just have to bring two waters and two snacks. I have never been one of those moms that has a bunch of stuff with them. So far it has only been a problem 2 times.

First time…about 2 years ago, I was at the Wild Flower Center with Aedan and some new friends and their kids. Aedan and his friends were playing near a little creek. And of course, Aedan slipped. He basically just sat down in a few inches of water, but he was pretty unhappy about it. Did I have extra clothes with me? No. Did I have extra clothes in the car? Nope. I pretty much thought we would have to go home and our little adventure would be cut short. Luckily, one of the moms had some extra clothes for her son and she let me borrow some.

Second time…a few weeks ago, the kids and I were at the park with a few of the same friends from the above story. This park has a pond next to it. Aedan was having fun throwing rocks into the water and guess what happened? Yup, he slipped and got all wet again. This time our park date was over and we headed home. I asked Aedan what we should learn from this and he told me that we should never got to that park again. Ha!

I have learned that apparently my son has a knack for falling in water and I finally started carrying and extra set of clothes and a towel in my car.



Apr 18, 2014


I’ve been having some trouble getting live writer to publish my posts. Hopefully I’ve got it fixed now and can get back on track.

A couple of weekends ago, it was a stormy day. We literally did nothing besides lay around and watch movies.



That evening after a hard rain/hail storm, we saw this beautiful rainbow. These phone pictures don’t do it justice, but it was actually a double rainbow.  It was pretty cool.


We were having a later breakfast than normal one morning so Jon got out his computer to get started with work for the day. Apparently everyone else needed to get some work done as well.


Friday night after dinner, we all had some ice cream. Adelaide was pretty thrilled. She insisted on eating it herself and made quit the mess.






Apr 2, 2014

Phone Pictures

I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Not sure why. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of thing soon!

Here are a few phone pictures from the past couple of weeks…

This girl is too funny. She was trying so hard to fit the dog and the balloon and herself in the car. I sent this picture to Jon and told him she needed him to buy her and SUV already. Ha!


There will always be something fun about climbing and sitting in a box!



Aedan decided it was a train. He was the driver (sitting in the box lid) and Adelaide was the passenger.


Aedan hates when I take pictures of him, but he loves when I take pictures of his toys. I showed him how to take a picture and he took this one of his robot. I think he named this one “Chimmie” (not to be confused with his stuffed dog “Trimmie”).


Jon was out of town for a night last week. I can’t remember what I made for dinner, but apparently Adelaide wasn’t a fan. As I was cleaning up, I heard her rummaging around in the pantry. A few minutes later, I saw her speed walk to the living room with her arms full. I followed her over and discovered this…4 bags of gold fish and 2 bags of fruit snacks. Aedan was pretty excited about the fruit snacks. He has figured out how to open the packages himself so they are like a little team. She steals them from the pantry, brings them to him and he opens them. Sigh.



Last but not least, I just posted this one on facebook. We are wearing blue today for autism awareness. Light it up blue!