Nov 8, 2010

Exam Results

I got an email last week saying I could log in an see the results of my BCBA exam. It instructed me to log in and told me that under exam status it would say “active passed” or “active failed”. I read the email. Then I sat there. We were in the middle of getting ready for my grandfather’s funeral. I debated for a few seconds about just forgetting about it an checking it later. Then I thought I would just check it and if it was bad I’d just keep it to myself for awhile. Then I decided to stop thinking about it and just check.

I logged in. I found the link that said exam status. I clicked and held my breath. The screen popped up and said “active passed”. So I did was any rational person would do and clicked the x to close the window and logged in again. You know incase it was a mistake. Again the screen said “active passed”. Again, being the rational person I am, I logged out and check again. No surprise it said the same thing. So I got excited! I ran in to the bedroom to tell Jon. Then I ran into the bathroom to tell my sister (um she was blow drying her hair so don’t think I just barged into the bathroom on her or anything).

I passed! Sweet!! The director of the company I work for (aka my boss) ordered me business cards a few weeks before I took the exam. She ordered 25 that just had my masters following my name and she ordered 150 with my masters and BCBA following my name. She told me I could use the 25 then and save the 150 for when I passed the test. She decided to give these to me a week before I took the test, Seriously. No pressure or anything, but the business cards were already printed. Well now it looks like I can use all those cards (thank goodness).

My days of school and tests are officially DONE, my work email signature now looks like this

Lauren Dechiro, M.Ed., B.C.B.A.

and I am proud.



Chelsa said...

and you should be!!! congratulations! :)

Nicki said...

Congratulations!!!! Those extra initials look great after your name!! :)