Nov 18, 2010

Band-Aids and Ice

Just last night I was thinking that I need a funny story to post about on my blog. You know because this one just wasn’t enough for me.

I need to remember not to think like this…

So today is one of the days I take Aedan to the sitter’s house. We usually leave right after he gets up from his morning nap. After he woke up and had a bottle we headed out. I made it to the sitter’s house and dropped him off (he smiles as soon as the sitter opens the door now – sigh of relief!). After dropping him off I race over to a nearby Starbucks to do a therapist interview. She is perfect! I have been looking for a second therapist for one of my clients for about a month now, with no success, until now. Yay, I think things are going to work out perfectly with her.

I leave my interview and head to Walgreens to pick up some pictures I needed for another one of my clients. As I am walking back out to my car, I was thinking man this day is off to a great start. The weather is amazing and actually feels like fall (well as much as Texas feels like fall), I was able to accomplish a bunch of things this morning and I still had a little over an hour before my next meeting. Ha! So I guess I was walking with my head down and as I went to open my car door and SMACK. The corner of the door smashes against my forehead. Ouch! I get in the car, wondering why I am stupid enough to hit myself in the head with my own door. I mean really. You can’t make this stuff up. I look in the mirror and along with a nice red bump, is a cut that has started to bleed. Really?!? So I grab a baby wipe from the backseat and try putting pressure on the cut. I used to be a lifeguard, I have my first aid skills down. After a few seconds I remove my hand and of course my forehead is still bleeding. Then I remember a small first aid box I have in my glove box.

Now don’t go thinking I am so prepared and always have a first aid kit in my car. This kit was given to me a few years ago when I was a therapist. You see biting is one of those work place hazards I have. Seriously. So this small kits finally gets some use. I fish out the smallest band-aid I can find and stick it on my bleeding forehead. Then I sit in the car and realize I have to go to lunch and to a client’s house with a band-aid on my forehead. Awesome.

I ended up stopping by Target and picking up some smaller, more clear band-aids. I still got some funny looks when I walked into Panera Bread to order lunch (their mac and cheese is A-mazing!), and I had to explain to my client’s mom, and the therapist I was overlapping with, how I managed to hit myself in the head. And now here I am in bed, watching Grey’s Anatomy with a bag of ice on my forehead, hoping I don’t have a huge purple bruise in addition to the nice cut tomorrow.

Lessoned learned. I do not need to worry about the lack of funny stories to post on my blog!


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Chelsa said...

i've totally done that before!!! how does that even happen? i asked myself that too!

hope you aren't bruised today!