Nov 15, 2010

8 Months

Aedan is 8 months old! Holy Cow, I can’t believe he is already that old!


Aedan, here is what you have been up to this last month:

  • You weigh about 21lbs and are about 28 inches tall.
  • You wear mostly size 9m and 12m clothes. The pants are a little long and some of the shirts are wide but for the most part everything fits you well. 
  • You wake up around 7:30am and go to bed around 7:30pm. You still take 3 naps a day (sometimes just two if we are out and about). You love your bed. When you are tired you don’t want to be rocked or cuddled, just put into bed. Sometimes I wish you liked to cuddle more, but it is so nice that you can always put yourself to sleep.
  • You have 4 bottles and 3 solid meals a day. You pretty much like everything from sweet potatoes to spinach and pears to mangos. You are still not a huge fan of bananas or white potatoes. You love to snack on mum mums or cheerios and apple slices.
  • You aren’t crawling yet, but you just started to scoot or army crawl your way to a toy (or more likely the remote or computer). I have a feeling by next month you will be crawling.
  • You still only have two teeth, but I think a couple more are about to break through because you have been chewing on everything and drooling like crazy for the past few days.
  • You still love to be outside, especially in your swing on the porch.
  • Now that you can sit in the shopping cart, you are great when we run errands. You play with my keys or your toys and just check everything out.
  • You love to sit on the floor and pull toys out of your toy basket.
  • You love Hiro and your Daddy so much. Your face lights up whenever either of them walks into the room.
  • You love to bang on your highchair tray and your music table. You also clap your hands and bang your blocks together. It is too cute!

You are such a cute little guy. I keep saying that each month is the best one, but they just keep getting better. You are so much fun to play with everyday. We love you so much!


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Chelsa said...

lol, it never fails they are so much alike!

corbin loves to bang stuff together too... and would much rather go for things like the remote, the computer, and my cell phone (really anything he shouldn't have) than his toys!