Nov 27, 2010


Where did the week go?!? I am just thankful tomorrow is only Sunday, I am not ready for the work week to start up again!

This year we decided not to travel for Thanksgiving. There is just sooo much traffic and we just weren’t up for dealing with it. It turned out to be a good choice because we have all been suffering from the never ending cold around here. I think we are all starting to finally feel better but we still have the lingering cough and some of us have some lingering crankiness (I’m not naming any names, but that someone’s name may or may not begin with A). :)

On Wednesday, Jon didn’t have much work to do so he watched Aedan in the morning while I went to a short meeting. When I got home Jon worked for half a day and then we just hung out around the house.

On Thursday, we went over to Jon’s grandparent’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was great to see everyone, but Aedan was not super thrilled to have so many new people around. He was still working on getting rid of the cold and was tired so he spent most of the afternoon being held by daddy. When we got to Jon’s grandparent’s house it was about 82 degrees outside and when we left it was probably under 50. At one point, Jon and I were outside with his grandfather and dad and this huge gust of wind blew though. I think the temperature dropped about 15 degrees in a matter of seconds. It was crazy. When we got home we were all ready for a nice long nap. When we woke up it was super cold outside, the perfect ending to Thanksgiving!

On Friday, I woke up nice and early and headed out to pick up Jon’s mom for a little Black Friday shopping. We headed out around 8am and it turned out to be the perfect time to go. The stores were busy but not anymore than they would be on a Saturday afternoon. We got some good deals and I got to cross a few gifts off my Christmas shopping list. We finished up right around lunch time and it was perfect because places were getting crowded again. I think all the people that were out at 4am went home, got some sleep and were back out. I spend the rest of the day hanging out at home with my boys.

I also ordered a ton of gifts from Amazon. Have you guys signed up for Amazon Mom? It is great. I signed up a few months ago. It is completely free and for the first 3 months you get free Amazon Prime shipping on eligible items. Last night I ordered gifts for 7 different people and did not pay tax or shipping on anything! Now that is my kind of shopping!!

Today, Jon let me sleep in and made us breakfast tacos. Then after Aedan’s morning nap, we headed out to the mall. I needed wanted to go get some new jeans and I needed to get measured for a new bra (apparently the whole being pregnant, having a baby, nursing said baby and then being done with nursing changes things a bit). None of my bras fit comfortably so it was time to get measured. Jon wanted to get out of the house so we made it a family trip. I headed to Nordstroms to get measured and Jon walked around with Aedan and picked up some cookies and tea. The ladies at Nordstroms were super nice and helpful and got me fitted into a new bra (that happens to be a size I am quite comfortable with). Then I headed over to Gap to try on some jeans. I usually get my jeans at American Eagle, but I though maybe I was getting to old for that store and I should try something more grown up. Well more grown up did not fit as well and were double the price so I ended up back at AE and scored a pair of jeans for 20% off an already reasonable price. Sweet! From there we picked up lunch and made it home just in time to put Aedan down for his afternoon nap.

Now the house is quiet, all three of my boys are sleeping (Aedan in his crib and Hiro and Jon in our bed) and I am catching up on some blogs. I have taco soup cooking in the crock pot and this afternoon I think we are going to break out the Christmas decorations. What a good day! I am so thankful for my sweet family and all the blessings we have had this year!


Next post will have some pictures, I promise! I just realized yesterday that I have taken hardly any pictures during Aedan’s 8th month – yikes.

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Chelsa said...

Boo to the colds :( Hope you are all feeling better (and less cranky) today!

Glad you got your cold weather on Thanksgiving!

I think once you find a pair of good fitting jeans you don't shop anywhere else for jeans! lol- at least that's my theory!
(bahhaa and at least you have SOMETHINg to get measured- yep, mary kate and ashley bras from the walmart kid section for me, tmi!).

and we are having taco soup tonight for supper! YUM!! my favorite!

enjoy this last day of the wk/end. being off for 5 days has spoiled me and really makes me NOT want to start the craziness of the work week!