Aug 24, 2012

Show Us Your Life–Laundry Rooms

Time for more of our house tour! This week Kelly is featuring laundry rooms so I thought I would link up. In our last house, and in most houses in this area the laundry rooms are usually more like a wide hallway that leads from the garage to the house. I hated it! I could never leave laundry baskets by the washer/dryer because then they were in the way of getting out the door. Then it was always such a pain to bring stuff in through the laundry room, especially after having Aedan. It was just so crowded.

In our new house we have an actual laundry room. Love it!


Eventually I’d like to cover the shelves above the washer and dryer and make some built ins to fill up the space next to the washer/dryer, but for now I am just loving having a spot I can close off for our laundry area.



We have talked about putting a doggie door under the window since it would lead out to our side yard. We will probably do that one day since we will probably always have at least one dog. But it would involve cutting through the brick outside which is a big project and pretty permanent.


And here is our washer and dryer. We bought these when we bought our first house just before we got married. I’ve been really happy with them, except the front loading washer is hard to keep clean. The drawers underneath them hold so much stuff which is so nice.



I always keep a container of cleaning wipes on the washer to clean up any laundry soup drips and then a small trashcan on top of the dryer to empty the lint screen into. I am horrible at remember to do that so having somewhere to put the lint helps motivate me a little more. :) Then I throw dirty rags or hand towel from the kitchen into the little bin behind the trashcan so I can just wash them once a week.



Is your laundry room a separate room or a walk through? If you have a front loading washer, how do you keep it clean?


Rooms coming up that I still need to show…Jon’s office, Adelaide’s nursery, and our bonus room. Pictures coming soon!

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