Aug 17, 2012

Our Back Porch

I’m linking up again this week with Show Us Your Life over at Kelly’s Korner. This week is patios/porches.

We don’t really have a front porch with this house, but we do have a good size back porch that we love! At our last house the backyard was only in the shade for the first few hours of the day. This house faces the opposite direction and our back porch and a good portion of our backyard is completely in the shade by 11 or 12 in the afternoon which is perfect for playing outside in the afternoon/evenings.

When we first moved in, Aedan and I would eat lunch outside all the time. Now that it is about 100 degrees every afternoon, we haven’t done that much but I am sure we will start back up once it cools down.

Even if it’s hot, we manage to make it outside just about every afternoon for some play time.

Here is our porch, we haven’t gotten anything new for it so this is all stuff we had on our old back porch/patio. You can check that out here and see the pergola Jon built a couple of years ago.

photo 3

We eventually want to replace the light fixture with an outdoor ceiling fan and maybe someday extend the patio with a deck, but that will be much further down the road.

Now I’m just ready for fall to get here so we can spend even more time outside. :)


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