May 24, 2009

Look what we get to enjoy this summer!

Yep, Jon finished up the pergola today (well, mostly)!! I am so proud of him, this was his first big construction project and it looks absolutely amazing!!


We have been slowly taking our backyard back from Hiro. It used to look like this…white trash, I know!


We rarely ever went out there and when people would come over I would close our sheer curtains so no one could see outside. Now it looks like this…


Because of the shadow you can’t tell, but our whole yard is green grass…something we have never had before since the people that lived here before us didn’t take great care of the yard and as you can see we didn’t either up until this year.



Amazing right?!?! We have a few more plans such as a landscape area in the back corner. Also, we will be cutting off the excess post from the top of the pergola, adding a cross slats to provide additional shade, and staining\sealing it a cedar color. We want to buy a few more things for the patio (some potted plants and a chiminea). But oh my goodness, we can actually be proud of our backyard!! We are hoping to have lots of cookouts back here this summer.



Allison said...

Wow! Come to my house next! That looks fabulous!

Jill said...

The before and after picture are so dramatic! Amazing!