May 29, 2009

Show us where you live


This week Kelly is featuring nurseries/kids rooms. Since this is the only kid’s bed I have,


I decided not to link up this week.

Here is Hiro on his bed…he looks totally freaked out because he is scared of my camera. Clearly I have scared him by practicing my picture taking skills (I should probably keep my day job). Of course the list of things Hiro is scared of would be too long to list.


Even though I didn’t link up this week…I did want to pass on the link to you. I know there are tons of beautiful rooms and ideas to be shared by checking out the people that did link up. So grab something to drink (if you are anywhere near me, it needs to be an iced drink since it is going to be in the high 90s today), get comfortable and go check out all the rooms at Kelly’s Korner.

Jon and I have some fun plans for the weekend and I will hopefully remember to take lots of pictures, so check back soon.


1 comment:

Nicki and Mathis said...

that is such a precious bed! where did you get it at? and more importantly, how do you keep him from chewing it up?