May 26, 2009

Guess what I’ve been watching…

I’ve been watching Jillian on the Bachelorette…I know, I know, but I can’t not watch it! I’ve been watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette since my freshman year of college (I probably watched it before that, but that year specifically stands out to me). I lived in a all girls dorm at Baylor and I think everyone on my end of the hall, 3 Sorta South, watched the bachelor. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure all 6 floors of girls watched the show. Every week you could hear girls up and down the hall and tell how we all felt about each rose given (good choices and bad choices…anyone remember Gwen??). I am pretty sure I have not missed a season sense.

Last season I found out about this blog. If you watch the show, you HAVE to check out this blog. It is absolutely hilarious. She hasn’t posted a recap from last nights show yet, but it will be up later this today. Be sure and check out her recap from last Monday’s show…Jon even found it pretty fun. :)


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