May 6, 2009

Half way through the week

I took my last final yesterday! It wasn’t bad at all, except we had to take it on the computer in class. My computer only messed up once and thankfully I was only on #25 out of 100. I needed a 79 to make a solid A in the class and I got an 89 on the exam so I should be good to go. :) Tomorrow night I have to go to my other class, but I just have to sit and listen to other groups present. Jon says I can’t really celebrate being done with school until tomorrow night, but I consider myself done already.

Last night after our final, my friend Jesse and I celebrated with margaritas at Trudy’s. We had a blast. Next week we are planning on getting pedicures to start off our summer.

Tonight since I didn’t have ANY studying to do I decided to try out an outdoor yoga class. A couple of weekends ago when I was walking around Town Lake I saw a group doing yoga and I picked up a flier. Apparently the instructor leads a class every weekday evening and weekend mornings. Its free for anyone to come a join, she just asks for donations. Tonight was the first opportunity I had to try it out and I LOVED it. I am going to try and go twice a week and maybe some Saturday mornings over the summer. The class meets on a pier that looks over a pond with a fountain. It across from Town Lake so it’s not as crowded. I have never done yoga outside before, and it was definitely great.

Another highlight for the week…Jon and I have caught up to season 5 of LOST. In fact we are going to be totally caught up just in time for the season finally next week. :)

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