May 14, 2009

Surgery went well

Yesterday was a pretty long day…my surgery was supposed to be at 1pm so I could not eat or drink anything  from midnight on. The surgery center called me at about 10 am and told me my surgery had been moved to 2 pm. By the time we got home (around 5 pm) I had not had anything to eat or drink for 17 hours. That along with feeling pretty groggy from the anesthesia left me not feeling so great last night. I ate some toast when I got home and went to bed for a couple of hours. Jon was a great caretaker and made sure I was comfortable. He went out and got me dinner from Pei Wei (unfortunately I wasn’t up for eating it, but it will be good for lunch today).  He also picked me up some Motrin. I am going to try not to get my pain killer prescription filled, and so far I think I am okay. I have been taking the Motrin pretty regularly, but I slept well last night and this morning I am feeling much better. I have today and tomorrow off work so I am just going to take it easy.

Later today if I am up to it, I will be finishing up the cabinets. The 2 coats I have done so far look great. I just need to paint the backs of the cabinet doors and then hang everything back up. Pictures to come soon!

Okay, Jon just made me breakfast so I am going to go enjoy it. :)


The Haynes Family said...

hope you feel better soon!! can't wait to see how your cabinets turn out! :)

Allison said...

I hope you recovery quickly from your surgery AND I hope the Clomid works!