May 17, 2009


Jon is home! His plane landed at 2 pm. He got home around 2:30…it doesn’t hurt to live less than 2 mile from the airport when you travel frequently. As soon as he got home we headed to a bbq that one of my professors was having. Poor guy, he worked from 8 am until 12 pm straight yesterday, then got up and on a plane at 8 am this morning, flew home and then had to go straight to a party. He was a good sport and we had a great time. There are only about 15 other people within my masters concentration so my professor throws a party at the end of each semester for everyone. It is nice to see everyone outside of class with their significant others. After the bbq  we headed to Costco (our favorite shopping place) and then to HEB, to stock up on some healthy food including lots of fruits and veggies. We usually eat pretty healthy and we don’t eat a lot of meat, but lately we have both been really busy and lazy so we’ve been eating out more and not keeping up with our typically veggie heavy diet…needless to say we both feel pretty blah. So we stocked up on some healthy food and we are going to get back on track. By the way we both had half a veggie burger for dinner at the bbq…yum!

We came home and enjoyed some time together with a glass on wine out on our flagstone patio. I love that we have a comfortable place to relax outside. Once Jon finishes the pergola I think we are going to throw a party of our own to show off his hard work. 

Now we are about to start a movie. I have 3 easy weeks ahead of me before my summer work schedule starts (even then it will be pretty light) so I am going to enjoy the light work load and NO school. :)


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