May 23, 2009

-insert creative title here-

Last night Jon had to drive to San Angelo for work. :( Luckily he was able to get the job done quickly and made it home by 2 today. I spent my Friday night cleaning the house, going to the grocery store and making zucchini bread muffins. Even though it was a pretty boring Friday night, I was able to get everything done so that I can enjoy my 3 day weekend!

This morning Hiro and I meet up with my friend Jesse and her dog Normy for a walk around Town Lake. It was great to get outside and walk, but it was so hot and humid…we are going to have to start meeting up earlier.

After lunch and a shower I decided to do some shopping. Usually I try to stay away from the mall on the weekends, but I’ve been wanting to get some new shorts for the summer and since it is already hot here I thought now would be a good time. I found some cute ones at the Gap and they were 50% off…yay!  I got 2 pair of bermuda jean shorts (denim and white denim). They are perfect because I can wear them to work, but still feel comfortable playing outside with my kiddos during my sessions this summer.

When I got home Jon was back and our friend Jason came over to help with the pergola. A big storm was rolling in, but they were able to get carriage bolts into all four corners so now the frame is ready to hold up all the rafters. They headed to Home Depot to get the supplies Jon will need to put up the rafters tomorrow, then they are picking up pizza. I love pizza and movie nights, it makes it even better that it is rainy outside. :)

I promise I will post pictures of the pergola once Jon starts getting the rafters up.


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