May 14, 2009

Show us where you live – guest bedrooms


It’s time for Kelly’s Show Us Where You Live. This weeks edition is guest bedrooms.

We used to have a traditional guest bedroom complete with a full size bed and a nightstand, but about a year ago we decided to reorganize our rooms to make them more functional. We have a small house and while we have visitors form time to time, we don’t have them enough to justify using a whole room just for those few occasions. So we invested in a studio daybed, from where else, but World Market of course. It is comfortable as a couch and it also folds out into a single bed for overnight guests. This room is “Jon’s room” so I haven’t done too much in here yet. My plan is to add some color to the walls and some mistreatments to the windows while keeping it the manly room Jon wants it to be. Currently it is most used for Jon’s regular conference calls for work, and occasional frequent X-box playing.


Did I mention this is the smallest bedroom in our house? I had to stand in the closet to get this shot.


So that’s our guest bedroom, thanks for stopping by! If this is your first time stopping by, feel free to take a look around...I try to post little craft and DIY projects every few weeks. Leave me a comment so I can come check out your blog, I love making new blog friends! :)

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Stu said...

very cute :)
I cant wait until my house is organized and set up....

Jennifer said...

I think that's a great use of the space! looks wonderful!

Shelby said...

Wish I had thought of standing in the closet! I had my back up against the door. Too cute!

The Stain Family said...

I REALLY like your couch/bed...I've been thinking of putting one in the office/playroom to use as an extra bed for guests. We rarely have beds when family comes to town.

Becca said...

This is a great idea to use that space so well! :-) thanks for having us!

Claire said...

Oooh, I love the daybed!


Helen Joy said...

Good idea with the guest bed.