May 31, 2012

Show Us Your Life–Living Room

I am so excited that Kelly is doing this again! As you guys know we just moved into our new house in December. I can’t believe it has taken this long for me to take some pictures of the inside!

Honestly, most of the rooms look pretty much exactly like that looked about a week after we moved it. I think we had all the boxes unpacked within a couple of days and pretty much just put everything together like it was in our old house. The only problem is, this house is double the size of our last house (not that it is huge, our last house was just super small).  So everything looks a little small for the space it is in. There are a lot of things we want to buy/change out but we are going to take our time since we plan to be here for the long hall (plus money doesn’t grow on trees and furniture is expensive). :)

So…here is our living room now. Of course I waited for a nice cloudy/rainy day to take these pictures so the quality is not the best, but you get the idea.


Eventually we I want to get a big U-shaped sectional like this…

Since the space is a long rectangle I think this would be perfect. I also want to move our sofa table behind the loveseat area because I don’t like looking at the back of the loveseat. This would give us a place to put a lamp and drinks for those sitting on that side of the section since our end table would move to the opposite side. But, the sofa table is living in our entry way right now because it makes the perfect place to drop off keys and mail.

Since we plan on getting the section in the next year or so (well I plan on it, I’m not sure how Jon feels about that timeline, haha), I don’t really want to invest in a new rug (we need a bigger one for the space) or curtains, since I am not sure what color sectional we will get. So everything is kind of at a standstill for now. Which is fine. It gives me time to browse around and find exactly what I want.

Oh and in the pictures, Aedan’s train table is all set up and looking cute. He and I put it together right before nap time so I could take a picture of the room before he rearranged destroyed it. He loves to either build his own track or take everything off the table and use it for his cars and blocks or just sit on it and read/watch TV. Such a boy. :)


May 27, 2012

A Private Serenade

This morning Aedan woke up a little early (well, it wasn’t actually that early for him, but it was earlier than Jon and I wanted to get up on a lazy Sunday morning). So, Jon set him up in the living room with some milk and his new favorite TV show, Barney or “Boney” as Aedan calls it. Then Jon came back to bed and we got to snooze for an extra 30 minutes. So nice.

When Aedan’s show was over, he went and got his guitar and came to serenade us.

It was pretty cute, and way better than him running in with popper to get us to get out of bed!

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend!


May 25, 2012

Busy Week/Random Updates

It has been a busy week! Between my regular client overlaps and team meetings, training a new therapist, doctor’s appointments and playdates we haven’t had much down time all week around here. I’m excited about the 3 day weekend ahead. We don’t have much planned so hopefully we will have lots of time to relax!

My doctors appointment went well on Tuesday. Baby’s heart rate was around 150, which I think is slower than Aedan’s ever was. I had to take Aedan with me again, and he did great. When we got home he told he had a baby in his tummy too. :) While I was there I scheduled my big ultrasound appointment for June 19th! I am thinking about having a little gender reveal party that following weekend since we will have some family in town. I am just torn because if I do that, then I guess Jon and I wouldn’t be able to find out at the ultrasound appointment and we would have to wait until the weekend to see what we are having. I’m not sure I want to wait any longer. :) I have had a dream that it is a boy and then another dream that it is a girl so I guess I don’t have a gut feeling either way. What do you think?

I was pretty excited to see this guy win on Wednesday night!!

I hope he is able to release some of his own songs on his first album!

Speaking of music he official ACL lineup was released and it looks like Gotye is going to be there. I just knew it! There are a lot of other good people/bands on the list as well. However, Jon and I have decided not to go this year. It will be the second year we have missed since we started dating. But seriously, I will be 37+ weeks pregnant and the last place I will likely want to be is walking around outside with thousands of other people. Now we just have to remember to not go anywhere in the city that weekend to avoid the crazy crowds and traffic.

I love a lot of things about our new house and neighborhood, but this week I have really been loving having a pool just down the street. Aedan gets up from his nap around 4, then we usually play until 5 and when Jon is done with work. Then we head down to the pool for an hour or so before dinner. Aedan loves it. He wasn’t too sure about swimming last summer, but this summer he is a fish! He starts asking about the pool as soon as he wakes up from his nap. I’m thinking about buying him one of these so he can been a little more independent in our big pool. Our neighborhood pool also has a baby pool that only gets about a foot deep so it is perfect for him to play with his toys in. I know where we will be spending our free mornings and afternoons this summer!

This evening we are planning to do a little shopping, go out to dinner and pick up some frozen yogurt for dessert at a nearby outdoor mall. Not a bad way to start off the holiday weekend!


May 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend we headed up to Plano for my sister’s graduation. She just finished up her masters at UTD and landed a great job as an SLP! We are so proud of her!

We drove down Friday afternoon and after an early dinner, we took Aedan to my parent’s neighborhood park. He had a blast running around like a mad man. I wish I had some video of him! He finally figured out how to climb the little rock wall type ladder and was so proud of himself.

Saturday Jon, Aedan and I went to visit my best friend and her husband. They just bought a new house so we wanted to check it out. The house is super cute and it was great to catch up with them!

After a long afternoon nap for everyone, we got ready for my sister’s little graduation party. She invited a few good friends and her new boyfriend over for BBQ. Neither my parents nor Jon or I had meet the new boyfriend yet, so we were excited. He was great, we all approved. :) We had fun eating lots of good food and visiting around my parent’s chimnea. Of course I took zero pictures, oh well.

Unfortunately, Jon had to work all night last night. He finally finished up about 7:30 this morning. After a quick breakfast, we loaded up the car and headed home. I drove so Jon could sleep. He and Aedan actually slept for more than half the drive back. It was a pretty quiet car! We were all pretty tired this afternoon so we have just been hanging around the house being lazy. Jon’s parents are staying with us tonight so Aedan got even more attention this evening. He was in heaven!

Oh, I’m 16 weeks this week and finally feeling better! I have an appointment on Tuesday so I will try to do an update then.

We also changed Aedan’s crib to a toddler bed last week. I need to do a post on that change, but I have to say he is doing so great in a big boy bed!


May 15, 2012

Mother’s Day Weekend

We had a great weekend around here.

My parents and sister drove down Friday night, so my sister came over to stay with us. Aedan was pretty excited. He loves his “Emmie”.

Saturday morning we just hung around the house and played with Aedan. Then my sister and I met my mom and aunt at my grandmother’s place for a Mother’s Day Tea/Lunch. It was great to get together and meet some of the other ladies at my grandmother’s apartment.

My sister and I did a little Target shopping on our way home and picked up some cute summer shirts. Then we just relaxed at home all evening. We may or may not have stayed up until after midnight watching Game of Thrones. Loving the HBO on demand!

Sunday morning I woke up to find a super sweet card from Jon and Aedan. We spent the morning hanging out and then as soon as Aedan went down for his nap, my sister and I started the marathon of Sister Wives on TLC. Again, loving cable.

When Aedan woke up, we headed up to see my parents, grandmothers, aunts, uncle and cousin for dinner. My dad grilled out and we had quite a feast. Aedan had a blast and loved all the attention and all the toys my parents have at the Round Rock house. My cousin’s daughter was there also (she is 3 months older than Aedan) and she and Aedan had fun together (once they got over the initial just stare at each other phase). I of course forgot my camera, but my aunt took some pictures and emailed them to me. :)


me, my mom and my sister


me, my aunt and my sister


me, my aunt, grandmother, sister and mom


and of course my favorite little guy.


May 11, 2012

Friday Randomness

And another week goes by…

We had a great weekend in Plano, although Aedan caught some kind of 24 hour virus. He ran a high fever all day and night on Saturday. He and I were up quite a bit Saturday night and it was tiring! I realized how much of an adjustment it is going to be to have a newborn up at night again. Hopefully this one will take after Aedan and start sleeping through the night around 8 weeks.

Jon had a good trip as well and his friend Aaron took some great pictures…


We all got home on Monday and both Jon and I had Tuesday off. I was off all week since I felt like Monday and Tuesday were weekend days. It did make the week go by super fast!

Oh and another thing that came out of the weekend…I causally mentioned that I had fun watching TV at my parent’s house since they have cable. We haven’t had cable for over a year now and honestly I haven’t missed it all that much. But I do love some HGTV and TLC from time to time. Usually when I bring up getting cable, Jon just sighs, but this time he said let’s do it. :) He said I wore him down. Whatever. I think he secretly wanted it too so he could watch his soccer games. Time Warner came out Wednesday and got it all set up. We got the whole nine yards including HBO so we can watch Game of Thrones. Aedan is pretty happy with the On Demand Pre-School channel too.

Speaking of which, I am off to enjoy some Pioneer Women On Demand while Aedan takes his nap. Another rough Friday for me. :)


May 4, 2012

Five Things Friday

Aedan and I are up in Plano this weekend. Jon went on a camping/road trip with a friend and I decided the next best thing to being home with my little family, is being back home with my parents. :)

We came up yesterday afternoon and Aedan did so well in the car. Elmo and Bob the Builder on my iPad didn't hurt. :)

Today we went up to my mom's school for lunch. Aedan got way too much attention! He loved every minute of it!

I finally got my hair cut and highlighted on Wednesday. It had been about 6 months. I feel like a new person! I love the cut and color and decided I am going to be better are keeping up with it on a regular basis.

Aedan is down for a nap and my parents are off at work so I m going to get caught up on a few shows on Hulu and probably take a nap myself. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon!


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