May 15, 2012

Mother’s Day Weekend

We had a great weekend around here.

My parents and sister drove down Friday night, so my sister came over to stay with us. Aedan was pretty excited. He loves his “Emmie”.

Saturday morning we just hung around the house and played with Aedan. Then my sister and I met my mom and aunt at my grandmother’s place for a Mother’s Day Tea/Lunch. It was great to get together and meet some of the other ladies at my grandmother’s apartment.

My sister and I did a little Target shopping on our way home and picked up some cute summer shirts. Then we just relaxed at home all evening. We may or may not have stayed up until after midnight watching Game of Thrones. Loving the HBO on demand!

Sunday morning I woke up to find a super sweet card from Jon and Aedan. We spent the morning hanging out and then as soon as Aedan went down for his nap, my sister and I started the marathon of Sister Wives on TLC. Again, loving cable.

When Aedan woke up, we headed up to see my parents, grandmothers, aunts, uncle and cousin for dinner. My dad grilled out and we had quite a feast. Aedan had a blast and loved all the attention and all the toys my parents have at the Round Rock house. My cousin’s daughter was there also (she is 3 months older than Aedan) and she and Aedan had fun together (once they got over the initial just stare at each other phase). I of course forgot my camera, but my aunt took some pictures and emailed them to me. :)


me, my mom and my sister


me, my aunt and my sister


me, my aunt, grandmother, sister and mom


and of course my favorite little guy.


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