May 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend we headed up to Plano for my sister’s graduation. She just finished up her masters at UTD and landed a great job as an SLP! We are so proud of her!

We drove down Friday afternoon and after an early dinner, we took Aedan to my parent’s neighborhood park. He had a blast running around like a mad man. I wish I had some video of him! He finally figured out how to climb the little rock wall type ladder and was so proud of himself.

Saturday Jon, Aedan and I went to visit my best friend and her husband. They just bought a new house so we wanted to check it out. The house is super cute and it was great to catch up with them!

After a long afternoon nap for everyone, we got ready for my sister’s little graduation party. She invited a few good friends and her new boyfriend over for BBQ. Neither my parents nor Jon or I had meet the new boyfriend yet, so we were excited. He was great, we all approved. :) We had fun eating lots of good food and visiting around my parent’s chimnea. Of course I took zero pictures, oh well.

Unfortunately, Jon had to work all night last night. He finally finished up about 7:30 this morning. After a quick breakfast, we loaded up the car and headed home. I drove so Jon could sleep. He and Aedan actually slept for more than half the drive back. It was a pretty quiet car! We were all pretty tired this afternoon so we have just been hanging around the house being lazy. Jon’s parents are staying with us tonight so Aedan got even more attention this evening. He was in heaven!

Oh, I’m 16 weeks this week and finally feeling better! I have an appointment on Tuesday so I will try to do an update then.

We also changed Aedan’s crib to a toddler bed last week. I need to do a post on that change, but I have to say he is doing so great in a big boy bed!


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