Oct 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Adelaide!!

Happy First Birthday Adelaide!

I can not believe you are one today! Where did the year go? It is had to believe you went from this…


To this…in one year!


You are such a special part of our family. You are happy, funny, sweet and cuddly. You have the cutest little dimple when you smile and your eye just light up when you are happy. You have been a pretty easy baby, but I have a feeling we are in for it with you as a toddler. You are into everything and want to climb up anything! You have made are little family complete and we all love you so so much baby “Addewaide”.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Love, mommy.



Oct 28, 2013

Halloween Parties!

This past weekend, we went to two neighborhood Halloween parties. One at my SIL & BIL’s neighborhood and then one at our neighborhood. We had a great time at both of them!

This was the best I got of both of them at our first party…


Aedan even asked to get his face painted, which is something I was pretty sure he would never go for.


On the way to our neighborhood party…


At our neighborhood party, we had a couple of fire trucks come for the kids…it was a big hit for Aedan!




Aedan wanted me to sit in the truck with him and then Adelaide wanted to come up…but only for a second, then she wanted back down. Ha!


And one of Adelaide and another little girl from our neighborhood. Their birthdays are only about two weeks apart!


Now we are gearing up for Halloween and Adelaide’s birthday!!


Oct 23, 2013

The Night Before Jon Came Home…

…I had to call the fire department at 4am. Fun times!

Everyone is fine and the house is fine so now it is just a funny story to tell. Kind of like this one.

Around 3:30am, our fire alarm started going off. Awesome. It has done this before…in the middle of the night too.

Why is that? Why does it always seem like fire alarms act up or run out of batteries in the middle of the night? It is cruel.

Anyway, I obviously jumped out of bed and went to grab my screaming kids. See, we have 8 fire alarms in our house.

Does that seem like a lot? Kind of feels like a lot at 3:30 in the morning, since they are all wired together and all screaming FIRE, FIRE along with a pretty annoying beeping.

I pick both kids up and we check out the house. I didn’t smell anything so I wasn’t super worried about an actual fire. I checked the whole house and then decided to head to the back porch since Aedan was begging to get away from the “beeping”. So there I am, holding Adelaide, who by the way, isn’t crying anymore and is just looking around like this is something we do all the time, and holding Aedan’s hand as we freeze outside in the middle of the night.

When the alarm did this before, it went off twice and then stopped and was done. This time, it just keeps going off. It stops for about 30 seconds, only to start back up again. I figured it was probably a low battery or one of them just acting up, but being home alone with two little kids, I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to get out the ladder and start checking each one. I could just picture me telling Aedan to watch his sister outside on the porch while I go back inside. Totally would not have gone over well.

So I did what I think any wife would do…I called Jon. I’m not even sure why I tried him. I knew he was in the middle of a 15 hour flight from Hong Kong to LA. So I did the next best thing…I called my dad. Yes, I totally woke my parents up at 4am, they have assured me they didn’t mind. After talking with my dad (while the fire alarm is still going off), I decided to call the fire department.

I made Aedan run through the house (he hates the loud beeping) and we hung out in the garage while I called 911. The 911 operator asked me a series of question, one of which was “do you know why your fire alarm is going off”. Um, no. That would be why I am calling. I made sure to emphasize that I didn’t smell any smoke or see anything that made me think our house was on fire. I really didn’t want to wake our whole street with fire sirens.

Luckily, a few minutes later, when the fire truck did come, it came without lights flashing and sirens going. The guys checked the house (while the alarm was still going off). They didn’t find anything so they started checking each alarm. They narrowed it down to the one in Adelaide’s room and unhooked it. Apparently it was low on batteries and instead of giving off a little chirp every now and then, it tripped the whole system.

The firefighters were really nice and even offered to come back the next day and change out the batteries for me. Once the beeping stopped, Aedan was pretty excited to see how they took down the alarm. He was a little disappointed that they used our step ladder instead of their own ladder. Once they left he kept asking why they had to borrow ours.

After they left, I changed Adelaide’s diaper and put her back in her bed. I watched her on the monitor and I kid you not, she literally rolled over and went right back to sleep. I would love to know what was going through her head that whole time. She is definitely the more laid back kid!

Aedan on the other hand was wired. I let him lay in bed with me, but I don’t think he ever feel back asleep. At 6:30, I rolled over to find him staring at me. He immediately asked if I thought the beeping was going to come back. Since then he has pretty much told everyone that will listen and he now insisted on pretending to be a fireman and wants us to call him and tell him that the fire alarm won’t go off and he needs to come fix it.

I was just thankful it wasn’t anything serious and that it was the night before Jon came home. Because after that, I was pretty much DONE with the solo parenting gig!


Oct 21, 2013

Our Week

Oh man, it has been a long week! Jon has been in Malaysia since Thursday the 10th. We are going on day 7 without him and we still have 3 full days to go (although by the time you are reading this he will have been back for a couple of days).

The first weekend he was gone, we got a massive storm. Aedan is scared of thunder and while I totally don’t mind him sleeping with us when its thundering, he literally will not fall asleep until the thunder is over. Unfortunately for him (and me), it pretty much thundered all.night.long. I honestly don’t even remember what we did the next day because I was so tired!

It’s been a pretty rainy week so we haven’t been able to spend much time outside, which is also hard. Both of my kids love to be outside. Adelaide maybe even more so than Aedan. There were a couple of days when it was really raining, and whenever I would let Hiro outside, she would crawl over and stand at the door crying. She may have a dramatic side too!

We had some fun nights too! I had dinner with friends a few nights and my dad came to stay over one night. I even got a babysitter and went to the movies solo one night. It was fun, although I saw Gravity and really didn’t think it was all that great. Plus I had some good friends come over for a girl’s night in. We hung out swapping stories and drinking wine. I am so blessed to have such great friends close by!

Thankfully this is the last big trip Jon has scheduled for the year. There is a chance he may have a smaller trip coming up, but it will be to the Dallas area which is much better than halfway around the world! When we talk to him, it reminds me of the oreo cookie commercial, where the little boy is talking to his dad. He is about to go to bed and his dad is on a business trip just starting the day. I think it’s a 13 hour difference where Jon is, which actually is easier to time phone calls than some of the closer places he has been.

And since not post is complete without pictures…

On Saturday, one of my friends and I took our kids to a farm out in Manor. It was a lot of fun!






Oct 18, 2013

A Year Ago Today…

I woke up with real contractions early in the morning. They kept coming and were pretty regular. After a couple of hours we decided to head to the hospital. I had been at 4cm at my last doctors appointment and when we got to the hospital I was at 5cm. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite to 37 weeks so they didn’t want to break my water or anything. Eventually the contractions died down and we left the hospital with me at 6cm. And I walked around at 6cm, having random bouts of contractions for the next 12 days. The longest 12 days of my life!

This year, I am thankful for my almost 1 year old, that decided her birthday should be October 30th instead of October 18th. I am thankful that she has been such a healthy and happy baby. But most of all I am thankful that this year I am enjoying skinny jeans and boots, wine and sleeping on my stomach and most of all not walking around carrying a watermelon at 6cm dilated!

Happy almost birthday Adelaide!



Oct 11, 2013

Phone Pictures

I need to make every Friday a phone picture day!

This week was pretty busy, I was looking forward to a slower week next week, but looks like that is not going to happen…maybe the week after??

On Wednesday, Jon took the day off and we kept Aedan home from school. We went out to breakfast and then to the zoo. Aedan has been asking to go to the zoo since July. I kept telling him we would go when it gets cooler. The past week it has been cooler in the morning and every day when Aedan let’s Hiro outside, he always tells me we need to go to the zoo now. He was super excited and had a great time!


Adelaide loves to play outside just as much as Aedan does. We have been spending a lot of time in the backyard after dinner each evening. Too bad mommy gets covered in mosquito bites! I am looking forward to when Adelaide can walk around better and play a little more independently. Although this is what she does already so who knows what she will be doing when she is more independent.



I love how Aedan is in the background sweeping. He is totally my son! Unfortunately, I have a feeling Adelaide is going to be the messy one!


Aedan just started asking me to take his picture after months and months of running away every time I tried. Hopefully this keeps up since we have family pictures coming up in a few weeks!


I’ve been highlighting my hair since college and I finally decided enough was enough. I love the way it looks right after I get it done, but I just don’t have the time (or money) to keep it up. So yesterday I had it dyed to my natural color. The lighting is not the best in this picture, but I love it! I think it will be a lot less maintenance now.


We are in for a rainy weekend, but we have some fun things planned so I am excited! Happy Friday!


Oct 8, 2013

Our Weekend

The weather was really nice this weekend. In fact it finally started cooling down in the mornings and evenings…maybe fall will come after all!

On Saturday I hosted a baby shower. Everything turned out really cute and I think everyone had a good time. Here is the diaper cake I made…20131001_204013

On Sunday we had a pretty lazy day. We did a little shopping and then after nap time, we headed out to walk and go to the park. When I put Adelaide in the swing, I felt like she looks so big and grown up!

This was her last spring, just as it was starting to warm up…obviously thrilled to be swinging, ha!


And this was her this past weekend…


Lots more hair and smiles now!


Oct 2, 2013

Phone Pictures

Most of these I have already posted on facebook or instagram, but as usual, I like to have them on here as well.

Last week Aedan started throwing a bunch of toys in Adelaide’s crib. Then he asked me to put him in there too. He played in there for a good 30 minutes before I made him get out so we could leave. He said he liked it because Adelaide couldn’t get his toys. Haha. Little sister problems!


I mentioned in Adelaide’s 11 month update that she likes to climb…and when I say she likes to climb, I mean really climb…

This is one of the playgrounds in our neighborhood and that slide is super high! Every single time we put her down at the bottom (where there is a perfectly good slide for her), she climbs straight to the top and doesn’t even look back.





Aedan just started going up to the top alone after seeing Adelaide do it. Ha! She is going to be trouble!

I stopped in Target last week to get a couple a lot of things. These boots were buy one get one 1/2 off, so I grabbed a pair for my sister too. Love them! Now if only the weather would cooperate and cool down enough so I can wear them!


I made my first diaper cake last night. It turned out super cute! I’ll share pictures next week since it is for a baby shower I am hosting this weekend…can’t wait!