Oct 21, 2013

Our Week

Oh man, it has been a long week! Jon has been in Malaysia since Thursday the 10th. We are going on day 7 without him and we still have 3 full days to go (although by the time you are reading this he will have been back for a couple of days).

The first weekend he was gone, we got a massive storm. Aedan is scared of thunder and while I totally don’t mind him sleeping with us when its thundering, he literally will not fall asleep until the thunder is over. Unfortunately for him (and me), it pretty much thundered all.night.long. I honestly don’t even remember what we did the next day because I was so tired!

It’s been a pretty rainy week so we haven’t been able to spend much time outside, which is also hard. Both of my kids love to be outside. Adelaide maybe even more so than Aedan. There were a couple of days when it was really raining, and whenever I would let Hiro outside, she would crawl over and stand at the door crying. She may have a dramatic side too!

We had some fun nights too! I had dinner with friends a few nights and my dad came to stay over one night. I even got a babysitter and went to the movies solo one night. It was fun, although I saw Gravity and really didn’t think it was all that great. Plus I had some good friends come over for a girl’s night in. We hung out swapping stories and drinking wine. I am so blessed to have such great friends close by!

Thankfully this is the last big trip Jon has scheduled for the year. There is a chance he may have a smaller trip coming up, but it will be to the Dallas area which is much better than halfway around the world! When we talk to him, it reminds me of the oreo cookie commercial, where the little boy is talking to his dad. He is about to go to bed and his dad is on a business trip just starting the day. I think it’s a 13 hour difference where Jon is, which actually is easier to time phone calls than some of the closer places he has been.

And since not post is complete without pictures…

On Saturday, one of my friends and I took our kids to a farm out in Manor. It was a lot of fun!






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