Merry Christmas!

We had such a great Christmas!

We have had lots of time to lay around and enjoy our time off and spend time with family.

2016-12-21 16.48.43


Christmas Parties

Adelaide’s preschool does a Christmas pageant every year. It is always so cute!

2016-12-15 12.05.42

2016-12-15 12.12.26

Birthday Celebrations

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I had a week of celebrations!

My parents had us over for dinner and dessert. It was delicious! They also got me a new mixer! I had my grandmother’s old one but the motor was wearing down. I love the color of the new one!

2016-12-05 13.36.53

Adelaide and I put it to use right away and made sugar cookies!

2016-12-05 16.33.08

Family Pictures

Now that I have shared our Christmas cards, I can finally share some of our family pictures.

It is never fun getting everyone ready in clothes they don’t love, getting out the door, and hoping for cooperative kids with natural smiles. But we love having these pictures to look back on every year.

I think they turned out great!

Christmas Cards

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. I have shared our Christmas cards on my blog for the past 7 (!) years!

Here is year 8!

Growing Up

Last week, Adelaide mastered riding her 2-wheeler!

2016-11-27 16.09.32

Catching Up

December is here and I never got around to blogging about October/November!

Early October, my friend and I made these cute fall/winter wooden decorations. They turned out so cute and I love seeing it on my front porch everyday!

2016-10-08 19.03.35

2016-10-08 19.03.48