Catching Up

December is here and I never got around to blogging about October/November!

Early October, my friend and I made these cute fall/winter wooden decorations. They turned out so cute and I love seeing it on my front porch everyday!

2016-10-08 19.03.35

2016-10-08 19.03.48


We started the week before Thanksgiving with lunch at both kids’ schools.

Lunch with Aedan…

2016-11-15 11.24.18

This popped up on my Facebook memory feed. It’s from Aedan’s first Thanksgiving lunch at preschool, 4 years ago!

2016-11-15 18.05.37

Lunch with Adelaide…

2016-11-17 12.31.49

We picked Aedan up from school a little early the Friday before Thanksgiving, and headed up to East Texas to visit Jon’s parents. They live on a farm and the kids had a blast. Two of Jon’s sisters also came, so all the cousins got to play.

4 Years Old!

Today is Adelaide’s 4th birthday!


Adelaide, here is what you have been up to these days…

Lake Day

A couple of weekends ago, we rented a boat out on Lake Travis with my family. We all had a blast! I didn’t take a single picture, but luckily my aunt took some good ones!
Lake - group 1

Back to School!

Aedan is about to start his 4th week of school and Adelaide is about to start her 3rd. Both are doing great and we are getting the hang of waking up early again. Yawn.
First day of school pictures…

2016-08-22 07.10.41

2016-08-30 08.16.35

Last Weeks of Summer

We had a busy last few weeks of summer!
Our neighborhood had a block party and one of our neighbors was doing face painting. How amazing is her work! The kids both LOVED it!

2016-08-07 17.39.58

2016-08-07 17.52.50

Day at the Lake

Last week, we headed to Inks Lake to spend the day with Jon’s parents and nephew. They camped there all week and we had so much fun hanging out for the day!
We did some kayaking, fishing, swimming, and cliff jumping. Both kids had a blast!

2016-08-11 11.16.58

2016-08-11 11.20.13