Dec 28, 2016

Merry Christmas!

We had such a great Christmas!

We have had lots of time to lay around and enjoy our time off and spend time with family.

2016-12-21 16.48.43


My friend and I decided to try our hand at Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls! They were SO good. We passed a few pans out to other neighbors and decided it will be our new Christmas tradition!

2016-12-22 15.35.32

2016-12-23 13.58.39

2016-12-23 14.29.07

2016-12-23 15.08.12

Santa came and left some big gifts. The kids LOVE them.

2016-12-24 23.48.04

Christmas morning…

2016-12-25 08.15.46

And now that the big celebrations are over, we are back to laying around and relaxing.

2016-12-27 16.14.43


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