Dec 22, 2016

Christmas Parties

Adelaide’s preschool does a Christmas pageant every year. It is always so cute!

2016-12-15 12.05.42

2016-12-15 12.12.26

Since my parents are living closer now, they were able to come. Adelaide was so excited to have them there!

2016-12-15 12.29.15

The next day we had Aedan’s class party. They had so much fun!

2016-12-16 12.07.18

2016-12-16 12.09.43

Adelaide was excited to be there too!

2016-12-16 12.31.07-1

Musical chairs book exchange…

2016-12-16 12.42.52

Aedan with his teacher. Doesn’t she look great for being 38 weeks pregnant! She won’t be back until after spring break. We will miss her but I know she left the sub well prepared!

2016-12-16 12.48.15


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