Aug 28, 2015

Off to Kindergarten and More

Aedan had his first day of school on Monday!

It was rough getting up so early! We are all tired this week!

Adelaide giving Aedan a kiss goodbye. She tries to mother him all the time and it is hilarious!

All unpacked and sitting at his table.

He has had a great first week. He is making new friends and likes his teacher. He has even done really well with the long days. Me on the other-hand? I miss him so much. I knew it would be hard but the first 3 days were really hard. Since then each day is getting better. I don't like change, and this is a big change! I know we I will get into a new routine and adjust. 

This one doesn't start school until next week so she has been enjoying lots of 1:1 playtime and errand running. She loves to be on the go!

Adelaide did have her first dance class this week. I knew she was ready for some type of little class and most things like gymnastics and sports don't start until 3 years old. So we are trying dance this Fall. How adorable is she?

The class was so cute and the teacher is so good with them. I think she had a lot of fun!


Aug 21, 2015

That's a Wrap

Today is the last day of our 12 weeks of summer. I'm not sure how it went by so fast, but it did!

We've had a great last few weeks. Lots of hanging out at home, swimming and playing at the parks with friends and just enjoying our time together.

We had parent orientation earlier this week and Aedan had meet the teacher last night. We picked up our school supply packet and I guess everything is ready for Monday morning (except for me!) :)

Adelaide has her meet the teacher next week, and we got teacher calls yesterday. She is going to have the same teacher Aedan had when he was in the 2 year old class. We love her and I am so excited for Adelaide. I know she will have a blast this year!

Adelaide is also starting a dance class this fall. We were able to borrow some dance stuff from a couple of friends so we tried it all on. She was a big fan of the tap shoes. We will see how her first class goes next week!

Lots of dressing up and play fighting happens around here...

Costco has their Halloween costumes out already...

Adelaide got her first hair cut last week. It was time to even out the ends so she got about 2 inches trimmed off. It looks so cute now.

We are really going to miss our lazy mornings around here. At least we will have the weekends. Jon and I have been enjoying sleeping in on Saturday mornings. The kids get up and get settled in the living room giving us and extra hour to snooze. :)

Bring on the last weekend before school starts. Monday morning we will be up bright and early!


Aug 10, 2015

40th Anniversary Party

A couple of weekend ago, we went up to Plano to help my parents celebrate their 40th anniversary!

We had such a fun weekend hanging out with my parents and my sister. The kids had a blast and I think this was the first time they both woke up, and headed downstairs to my parents before waking up either of us up. :)

I didn't take very many pictures of us hanging out, but there was lots of playing outside, walking to the park, feeding the ducks at the pond and big meals all together. It was really nice.

My sister and I helped throw a party for my parents at a local restaurant. It was a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures my mom put together from the party.

Happy birthday and anniversary to both of you, Mom/Neena and Dad/Pop. We love you!!