Aug 30, 2013

10 Months

Seriously?!? I’m not sure how she is already this close to being 1!


Adelaide, you are 10 months now and here is what you have been up to these days…

  • You weigh about 18lbs and are 27in tall. Aedan was 22lbs and 28in tall at the same age, you seem so small!
  • You sleep from 7:30pm-7:30am every night and take a 1.5 hour morning nap and a 2/2.5 hour afternoon nap.
  • I thought you were starting to like baby food, but apparently it was only for a day or two. So, we went back to just giving you whatever we are eating and letting you figure out what you want to eat. Right now, you love fruit, especially strawberries, blueberries and grapes. You also love salty snack (don’t worry you don’t get too many!).
  • You take 4 6oz bottles everyday and a 4oz bottle before your afternoon nap.
  • You are crawling everywhere and have gotten pretty fast. You are also pulling up on everything and everyone!
  • Your favorite thing to do is climb all over me or daddy, or stand at the bench in the kitchen and bother Aedan.
  • You pretty much want whatever Aedan is playing with, and even if I can give you the exact same toy, it is not as cool because it is not the one that Aedan is holding. Ha!
  • In the car, your favorite game is to throw your toys in the middle seat and have Aedan pick them up and give them back. He gets annoyed with this game pretty quick but you could probably do it forever.
  • You are great at running errands and hanging out in the cart. As long as I let you chew on my keys or my list, you are good to go.
  • You like to swing outside, but only if you get big pushes.
  • You also love to stand at the backdoor and watch Aedan and Hiro play outside.
  • You still won’t let anyone else hold you if I am around. But if I leave, you are okay.
  • You seem to have a love for music just like your daddy and brother. You love when daddy plays his guitar and you always go after Aedan’s toy guitar or piano.

Adelaide, you are such a sweet baby. We are loving getting to know you more and more and watching you grow! Love, mommy

Aedan helped me take these pictures, and it was right before Adelaide's nap (hence the red rimmed eyes). She was a little taken back that he was taking the pictures I think. Ha!





Aug 28, 2013

Phone Pictures


It is finally getting slightly cooler in the late afternoons and evening. We are kind of pooled out, so we have been trying to get out to the park after nap time when we can.



One afternoon, we decided to take a little walk after playing for awhile. We had just started walking when we saw a bunch of deer. We have tons of deer around here and we see them all the time, but usually just when we a driving through neighborhoods and such. Hiro and Aedan were pretty excited and immediately ran after the deer…needless to say we didn’t see them again after that! Ha!


Aedan needed help walking across this beam last year, now he is totally a pro.



We watched an episode of Handy Manny one night and Aedan has decided to change his name to Handy Manny and wear a hat and a tool belt everywhere. It totally cracks me up because I think we have had this hat for about 2 years now and I tried to get him to wear it on several occasions. He has always refused. Until now. Since Handy Manny has a hat on, obviously he needs one too. :) This morning I did a teacher training for the teachers at his preschool and a couple of other preschools in the area. Aedan came with me to play and insisted on wearing his little get-up and also me introducing him as Handy Manny.



Aug 26, 2013

Last Week of Summer

Today is the first day of school for many of the schools in our area. Aedan’s school starts a week later, so it is our last week of summer.

I can’t believe summer is already over! It seems like when it started we had so much time to fill, but it all went by really fast.

We have spent a lot of time playing with friends and hanging out at the pool.

At the beginning of the summer Adelaide did a lot of this at the pool…


She wasn’t even sitting up well on her own. Now she is all over the place and loves to get in the water!

So during this last week of summer, I am sure we will spend some more time at the pool as well as some time playing outside!




Aug 23, 2013

Swimming Lessons

We finished up swimming lessons last Friday.

It was such a good experience. I was a little worried about how Aedan would do, but he did really well and we loved our instructor!


Aedan can swim pretty well now. He still has trouble when he comes up for a breath. His body goes more vertical in the water and he has a hard time getting back in a horizontal position. But he can get back to the steps or wall on his own.

He also loves to jump off the side.


I’m so proud of him. We don’t even bring his puddle jumper to the pool anymore! Thanks Miss Amy!!


Aug 21, 2013

Fire Station Visit

Last week we got to visit the new fire station in town with my moms group. We got there a little late because of Adelaide’s nap so we missed the tour of the inside, but we got to check out the engines which is what Aedan loved anyway.



He looks so much older than last summer when we visited another fire station.


The firemen even showed off what the new fire truck can do…


The kids loved it!


Aug 19, 2013

Grocery Shopping

When I was little, the grocery story near my parents house had little shopping carts for the kids to push while their parents grocery shopped.

Aedan walks with me now when we run errands or grocery shop. He does pretty good for a 3 year old, but often he is darting in front of carts or trying to walk right in front of my cart and then randomly stopping causing me to run into him.

He goes back to school in 2 weeks (where did summer go?!?!) and I will probably plan most of my grocery shopping/errand running while he is there. Since taking one kid is much easier than two and this one is pretty good at just sitting in the cart.


Anyway, last week I decided to let Aedan take his little grocery cart with us to HEB. He did so good. He stayed right with me (although a couple of times he did tell me he needed to go the opposite way, but when I reminded him to come with me, he did). He helped me pick out the groceries and he put a few things in his cart. When we got to the check out line, he put all of his items up on the belt and then the bagger even put a bag of groceries in his cart to take out the car. It was a pretty fun trip. May just be something we keep up for awhile.



Aug 16, 2013

Cord Obsessed

Adelaide is crawling around everywhere these days. She pretty much explores the whole downstairs, although she prefers to stay in the same room as everyone else.

When I am getting ready, she is almost always either in the bathroom or in our bedroom. If she is in  our bedroom, she is almost always on the hunt for Jon’s phone charger cord. She is obsessed.

I always push it behind the bed in the morning when I make the bed so it is not there to temp her.

As you can see it is not an effective move…



“oh, hey, I’m not getting into anything…”


Back on a mission.



Aug 14, 2013

The Sitter’s House

It’s been awhile since I talked about our childcare situation on my blog.

Aedan started going to his sitter’s (ReAnna) house twice a week when he was about 12 weeks old. We love her! He went right up until I had Adelaide.

Then I took a few months off of work and when it was time for me to go back, we decided it would be nice to have someone come to our house to watch both kids. Adelaide was so young and Jon was traveling a bunch, I needed someone who could watch them while I worked, and  help me out here and there in the evenings when Jon was gone.

Enter ReAnna’s daughter Katelyn. Katelyn has been babysitting for us since Aedan was about a year or so. We love her too! This last spring and summer she was taking some classes at the ACC campus near our house. So she came over and watched the kids while I worked a couple of times a week and she helped me out when Jon was on his international trips. She was great!!

She headed off to Texas State this past week, and since Adelaide is older now, we decided to send the kids back to ReAnna’s house. I think it is so good for Adelaide. Since she has been going, she has been doing much better when I take her to the Y (as in I can actually finish a Zumba class).

We have been so blessed to find such a wonderful family to help watch our kids! I don’t know what we would do without either of them!!

I picked Aedan and Adelaide up from ReAnna’s house on Monday afternoon and then was what the backseat looked like when we got home…


It was a quiet ride home. :)


Aug 12, 2013

Aedan’s First Movie

This weekend we took Aedan to see his first movie in the theater.

We saw Planes at the Alamo Drafthouse.



He did pretty well, although he was more interested in all the steps going up the theater and the lights on the stairs. After we left he kept asking about the characters and this morning he told me he wanted to go back to the movies, so I think he liked it. :)


Aug 2, 2013


What’s that you say?


It’s Friday?!?




Have a good weekend, everyone!