Jul 30, 2009

A New Toy

This is what came in the mail today! I have been wanting to buy a simple sewing machine for awhile now, and I finally did.


I think I am going to attempt to make a duvet cover for our bed this weekend as my first project. I’m sure I will have some pictures to show how the project goes. :)

Other than that, I have just been feeling tired and sick so I haven’t felt like doing much of anything (including blog) when I get home from work.

This weekend we have some fun things planned and next week my family is coming down!! My mom and I are going to be enjoying the pool at the Four Seasons here in Austin next Thursday and Friday…I cannot wait!


Jul 28, 2009

6 Week Picture and Ultrasound

This morning I got to have my first ultrasound as a pregnant patient! I have probably had about 10 ultrasounds since we started going to a fertility specialist. But today I finally got to have an ultrasound because we are having a baby…which is so much better!

So here is our little one (yes, just one) at 6 weeks and 2 days.


Before we started, my doctor said it may be too early to see/hear a heartbeat, but as soon as we started we saw it right away. She turned up the volume and I got to hear the little heart beat (119 bpm).


My doctor said with my age group and hearing a strong heart beat so early means my risk for a miscarriage is less than 5%.

And here is my six weeks picture…ignore the red scratch marks on my stomach. For some reason I decided to scratch my stomach just before Jon snapped the picture…opps.



Jul 26, 2009

A Whole Lot of Nothing

That pretty much sums up our weekend. We basically just hung around the house and took advantage of our Netflix instant queue.

We did venture out of the house yesterday to run some errands. We picked up some sheets at good old JCP.


The sheets we had were a cotton sateen and I just did not like their slick feeling. Not to mention the fitted sheet would not stay on the mattress no matter what I did.  I just wanted to get some plain white cotton sheets. After looking around and testing the sheets at JCP, we settled on a pair of bamboo/cotton sheets. I know! Bamboo?? We are not super “green” people, I mean don’t get me wrong, we do recycle, but we don’t go out and only by organic or green products. But these sheets were so soft and they were on sale (which is all Jon needed to sell him). I washed them yesterday and we used them last night, and I have to say I really like them!

We also took Hiro to the park a couple times this weekend and while Jon did some running, Hiro and I walked and played ball.

Other than that we took it easy this weekend, which was just what I needed. I felt pretty blah all weekend…I guess I am officially at 6 weeks, symptoms and all.


Jul 24, 2009

Just About 6 Weeks

I am 2 days away from being six weeks pregnant! Yay! So far I have just felt really tired. Last week I was feeling pretty bloated, but now, either I have gotten used to the feeling or I am not quite so bloated.

Here is my 5 week picture (we are going to try to take a picture every week).


I had my blood taken for the third time yesterday morning…so far here is how my hCG levels have looked (I can’t remember the exact number so I rounded a little when I put them in the calculator)

My first hCG levels were around 300 and taken 17 days after my LH surge.  My second hCG levels were around 900 and taken 19 days after my LH surge.

Chart 1.aspx

Looking good so far!

Yesterday I had my third test and my hCG levels were around 13,000 at 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant!


My doctor says everything is looking good, so I won’t have to get tested again. We are right on track to have our first ultrasound on Tuesday….I will be 6 weeks and 2 days!


Jul 23, 2009

My Wedding Dress

I took a couple of weeks off from participating in Show Us Where You Live over at Kelly’s Korner. We have been so busy these past few weeks. But I’m back now and so excited about this week…Show Us Your Wedding Dress!!

Jon and I got engaged in December and married in March, which means we planned a wedding in 4 months! Everything turned out perfectly and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I went looking for wedding dresses in Dallas with my mom and a couple of my bridesmaids (if I remember correctly it was before I was officially engaged). I know, I know, your not supposed to do that, but my ring took a little longer to come in than Jon originally thought (he designed it himself), so we made a few plans before he officially asked me to marry him. I found a dress that I really liked in Dallas, but it couldn’t be ordered in time for our wedding. I ended up going dress shopping in Austin one Saturday by myself. I was a little bummed about it but I ended up falling in LOVE with a dress. I got it at Alfred Angelo and the sales lady was so nice. She assured me that it would be in just in time to be tailored and steamed for the wedding.

SchmittPhoto-032507-088 I loved the beading on the bodice and the drop waist. The beading continued down the skirt on the left.


I loved the look of the lace up back. It gave us a few problems…when I went in for my first fitting one of the loops broke and then on my wedding day one of the loops broke! Luckily we had planned for it happen and had a needle and thread ready to go. No one ever noticed.


I wore a short veil during the ceremony and then took it off for the reception. My dress had a small train, which was perfect for my outdoor garden style wedding. :)

Now, a funny story about the day I got my dress. The sales lady asked me how Jon had proposed. Rather than explain that he had not because the ring had not come in, fibbed a little. :) I told her that he had taken me on a picnic to Mt. Bonnell and asked me there. When I got done dress shopping I called Jon and he asked me if I wanted to go get some lunch. Of course I said yes, and we headed over to our favorite lunch place, Kneaded Pleasures. After we ordered lunch, Jon suggested we take it out to Mt. Bonnell. I didn’t think anything of it since it was a beautiful day. Jon proposed while we were having our picnic at Mt. Bonnell, just like I had told the lady that morning. It was perfect and clearly just what I wanted. :)


Jul 21, 2009

In the mail today…

I got a bill for fall tuition, yuck! I have so been enjoying my summer of just work and no classes. Getting the bill just reminded me that summer is coming to an end and another semester of classes is going to start. Which means long drives though traffic down to school, lots of reading, researching and writing along with studying. Sigh.

On the bright side, this is my LAST semester of grad school! Which means come December, I will officially hold an a masters in special education with a concentration in autism/ABA.  I will still need to sit for a board exam to get my BCBA (which I hope to do between January and March, before the baby comes).

Our plan, as of right now, is for me to take a few months of work when the baby comes and then slowly take on cases as needed. Once I graduate  I will transitioning into a supervisor role, which means I will no longer be doing therapy, instead I will be helping to design and implement home programs (basically making plans for the therapist to care out during therapy). I should be able to do a good percentage of that from home (which will be great). I will have to go to meeting and such on a weekly basis, but it certainly won’t be a 9-5 gig.

I want to be able to spend as much time at home with our baby as possible,  but at the same time I want to continue my career (after all I just spent the last 2 years working on my masters). Our plan is for me to work part-time (with half of that at home, its really like fourth-time, ha!), that way we keep a second income, which allows us to save a good bit, and allows me to be home with the baby a good bit as well. Not to mention Jon works from home, so when he is not traveling he will be here too. We are so excited to have jobs that are flexible and allow us a lot of free time together.


Jul 19, 2009

Hiro has a Message


Yep, it looks like our family will be growing. After trying for 18 months we are so excited to say…



We found out the day after we got back from South Padre…what an amazing way to end a vacation! I wrote this post a few days after we found out, but we wanted to let all of our family know before posting it up on my blog.

I have had two blood tests and my hCG levels are increasing just like they should (a little above average even), and my doctor says everything looks wonderful! I go back in this Thursday to check my levels again and then we have an ultrasound scheduled for July 28th! It’s still pretty early, so we would appreciate prayers for a healthy pregnancy.


Jul 17, 2009

My Boys


Aren’t they cute? They love each other so much. :)


Where did the week go?

Oh my goodness, it’s already Friday evening! This week has flown by!

I decided to recap with bullets, because I’m feeling pretty lazy.

  • Monday and Wednesday I had super longs days and not so great sessions with one of my clients. We had our team meeting today, and changed a few things so hopefully next week will go better!


  • Tuesday we finally invested in electric toothbrushes (I know, we are that exciting). I have wanted to get one for awhile and they were on sale, where else, but Costco. :)


  • Thursday afternoon we drove down to New Braunfels to visit with Jon’s parents. They rented a house down there for the week. It was great to see them and enjoy some shopping and homemade spaghetti, yum!


  • Today I worked most of the day and I came home to a clean house! My husband is the best!! Jon and I are trying to cut back on our monthly spending so we are eating in tonight and watching a movie from Netflix instead of going out to eat.


  • Tomorrow, after Jon finishes work around 2, we are heading back down to New Braunfels to visit with some more family and go tubing! I’ll make sure and get some video and pictures!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Jul 13, 2009

First Day Back

The first day back to work after a relaxing vacation is never fun.

Today was okay, it was a long day of therapy with a couple of kids who weren’t exactly excited I was back. I’m just glad the day is over.

Tomorrow I have a couple of appointments but I don’t have any therapy sessions, which is so nice!

Jon’s parent’s rented a house in New Braunfels for the week so Thursday and Saturday we are spending the afternoon and evening there. It will be great to see everyone, hopefully I will remember to take pictures.

Okay, Jon and I are off to do our evening run…I am so proud of myself…I have only skipped two days in the last two weeks (although I did cut last nights run short because it was sooo hot! Tonight I am going to do the full thing!


*Update...we didn't run. Lame I know, but Jon woke up at 5 and drive to Ft Hood for a job, he worked all day and is pretty tired. What's worse he has to do it again tomorrow. :( We are taking it easy tonight.*

Jul 11, 2009

Back Home

Jon and I had a great time in South Padre!

As soon as we arrived, we feel in love with the bed and breakfast. It was 12 rooms surrounding a beautiful court yard. 

This was the entrance to our room. We were on the corner, so we had our own little private sitting area outside. It was nice to enjoy a cup of coffee in the comfortable adirondack chairs. IMG_1352

This was the view from the front door to our room. How amazing is that stain glass window?!?


Apparently I didn’t get pictures of the rest of the room, but, to the left was a sitting area/dressing area that lead to a large bathroom.

Basically our days in South Padre consisted of lounging at the pool. Picture me on the pink raft, book in hand.


And hanging out at the beach.

South Padre collage

We were able to bike to just about every restaurant we tried, which was great! On Thursday we found the perfect lunch spot. They had a variety of sandwiches loaded with veggies and delicious smoothies.

IMG_0012( Jon was about to take a bite of this yummy sandwich, when I exclaimed I must get a picture for my blog! He just laughed)

On Thursday and Friday, Jon talked me into going for a run on the beach. It was a challenge but I was proud of myself for going.  Jon decided to capture me post run…


I was able to take a few pictures with my nice camera. I think some of them came out pretty nice.

South Padre1

We had a great time, but we are glad to be home. Everything is unpacked and Hiro is back home with us (he spent the time with his bff, Woodrow).

Jon has to work tomorrow and I have a long list of to-dos…including lots of sandy laundry and grocery shopping. Tonight we are enjoying pizza and a movie at home, the perfect ending to a great vacation.


*Just click on any picture to view it larger*

Jul 7, 2009

Summer Vacation…Here We Come!

Early tomorrow morning we are leaving for our summer vacation to South Padre Island!

I am going to spend the rest of the week eating breakfast here…


Reading here…


And of course soaking up the sun here…


and here…


We are looking forward to a relaxing few days at the beach. I’m sure I will bring back lots of pictures and videos!


Jul 6, 2009

Blog Hoppin

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Lauren and this is my blog, Details from the Dechiros

This week’s theme is favorite photos. It was difficult to choose just one, but here it is.

This is a picture of our baby, thanks to my Mom’s great photography skills! Look at those bright green puppy eyes…I feel in love at first sight!

232323232%7Ffp3;9)nu=32; )593) 69)WSNRCG=3236644;3 539nu0mrj

I love this picture because it truly captures Hiro’s sprit. He is such a happy, playful guy. We couldn’t have picked a better dog.

Happy Hoppin!

MckLinky Blog Hop

Not Me Monday


A couple of my blog friends participate in Not Me Mondays. I love reading everything they most certainly didn’t did do. So this week I’m giving it a try. Here is my Not Me Monday…

I did not leave a whole load of clean clothes in the dryer last night because I was sooo busy watching Army Wives and Southern Belles: Louisville. Everyone knows TV is just a waste of time, so I certainly wouldn’t let it affect getting things done around the house.

I certainly did not enjoy a couple spoonfuls of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough instead of making the cookies. I mean really, no one eats cookie dough, right?

I most definitely did not let Hiro sleep on the bed last night while Jon was out of town, no I never do that!

Of course I did not wish I didn’t have to get up and go to work this morning. I mean, I only had to work 1 day this week before we go on vacation…why would I want to miss it?

I wasn’t thankful that I could check my email on my iphone while at summer camp with one of my clients this morning. Summer camp is fun, right? I would never feel like its boring and want to check my email during a session.

I certainly did not have a headache after introducing a response cost system with one of my clients. I did not have a headache because he most definitely loved the new reinforcement/punishment system and did not throw countless tantrums that involved kicking, hitting and screaming while flopping on the floor. Him? No he would never do that, which means I never leave with a headache.

Instead of coming home and taking Hiro out to play, I did not immediately grab a bag of crackers and make myself comfortable on the couch, with the TV on, while I read everyone’s new post and decide to post my own Not Me Mondays. Um, no that doesn’t sound like me at all!


Jul 5, 2009


Just testing a few things in windows live writer.

Our 4th of July Weekend

Thursday afternoon/evening we (Jon, Hiro and I) headed up to Plano. We got in around 8 and enjoyed a late dinner with my parents. We all just relaxed Thursday night, which was nice!

Friday morning I woke up and realized I had not brought any contacts or my glasses with me! I wear daily contacts so I had thrown away the pair I was wearing on Thursday. Those of you who wear contacts/glasses can understand that without them my weekend would have been horrible! Luckily I called the Austin Costco (where I get my contacts) and someone happened to be doing inventory at 8:30 in the morning. He was so helpful! Not only did he look up my prescription and fax it to me, he also looked up to see what Costco in the Plano area had the contacts I needed. One had a box of exactly what I needed and Jon went and picked them up for me. I was so thankful to get them!

That morning my mom and my sister and I enjoyed a pedicure at our favorite place. They do amazing pedicures for only $25! Since my parents were having people over on the 4th, we spend the afternoon cleaning up and getting the food ready for the party. Jon and I went on a long (for me) run (even though it was over 100 outside). I have never been a runner, but I am trying to build up my endurance. It’s improving slowly. :)

Friday night my family went out to hear the Plano Community Band at Haggard Park. We brought a blanket and a picnic and enjoyed the music. My friends, Steven, Ally (and their son Jackson) and Amanda joined us.

IMG_0035 My parent’s at the concert.

IMG_0038 Jon and I sitting by the pond.

IMG_0040 Amanda and I(a little hot and sweaty after the concert). I think she is looking at the camera and I am looking at my Mom taking the picture, opps!

After the concert, Jon, Amanda and I headed to Watter’s Creek (a cute little shopping area in Allen). We met up with Steven, Ally and my sister for drinks and dessert at Woodlands American Grill. It was great to be able to catch up with everyone!

Saturday morning Jon and I slept in and after breakfast we went to visit my great aunt at her new place. She is 91 and still as witty as ever! She cracks me up! When we got back we helped with the finishing touches for the party and then relaxed the afternoon away.

Around 4 everyone began to come over. My parents and two other family’s have gotten together for the 4th of July every year since they all met in graduate school over 25 years ago! It was great to enjoy good food and great company. We played a few games of Bocce Ball, Taboo and Gestures (hilarious)!!

IMG_0042  Jon and I are the champions of Bocce Ball!

This morning we got up early and enjoyed my Dad’s famous French toast before heading back to Austin. Now we are back home relaxing after a great weekend!


Jul 2, 2009

Show Us Where You Live – Garages and Yards


It’s time for Show Us Where You Live! This week we are moving outside and showing off garages and yards.

While I can claim that I did 99% of the decorating and organizing in every room inside our house, I have not done much, if anything, in the yard or garage. Jon has been working hard in the backyard and he regularly cleans out the garage to keep it looking clean and organized, isn’t he a great husband? :)

Here is our garage.



Some of the smaller details: Our cinderblock shelves hold tools, paint and bike equipment. Notice our huge recycling bin (the blue one). It is great! We are able to recycle so much and now that we have this huge bin it has motivated us to IMG_1302recycle even more.  To save space we hung our bikes up on the wall.





This little refrigerator used to be in our kitchen. We bought a new one a few months ago, so we moved this one out to the garage. We love Costco, and now we can stock up on all kinds of things. We keep meat and lots of waffles (one of Jon’s staple foods) in the freezer and a variety of drinks, bought in bulk, in the refrigerator.


This is  Jon’s favorite toy in the garage. He bought it about a year ago. I ride occasionally, but only for short distances. And don’t worry, we always wear a helmet. :)


Now on to the backyard. Jon has been working hard over the last few weeks and this is what we are enjoying (on evenings when it gets below 100)! To check out our almost complete backyard makeover go here and here. IMG_1303

As you can see we are only about half way through staining the pergola. Unfortunately, we can only stain when the temp is below 90, and around here that means getting out around 7 am. We are thinking it may be a fall project. :) We are going to plant some vines to grow up the lattice, but again, that will have to wait until the temperature goes down.  In the winter we are going to invest  in a chiminea. I can just see us sitting in our chairs, wrapped up in a warm blanket and roasting marshmallows, I can’t wait! IMG_1304


This is Hiro’s outside water bowl. Last summer we bought him a baby pool. Once he realized it wasn’t a huge water bowl, he LOVED it! Unfortunately he would go swimming and then just walk right though the doggie door without even shaking off!Needless to say we did not enjoy cleaning up after him, so we haven’t brought the pool out this summer. We take him to swim just about every day and he spends most of the day sleeping inside so we don’t really need it.


Thanks for checking out our spaces! Before you go back inside don’t forget to…




Our Bags are Packed

We are just about to load the car and head to Plano! I can’t wait to see everyone.

I have my Show Us Where You Live post scheduled to post tonight around 8. I have never scheduled a post time before, so hopefully it will work. Check back and find out. :)

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!!


Jul 1, 2009


When Jon is out of town this is who I get to share my bed with.


Yep, that would be Hiro, sleeping in the exact center of the bed. I have to sleep at a diagonal to accommodate our 80lb dog. He is so spoiled!

Luckily, I just talked to Jon and he is coming home tonight! Which means we can keep our plans to leave for Plano tomorrow and, more importantly, I will have someone who is not a bed-hog to share my bed with tonight. :)


*sorry for the poor picture quality…I used my iphone and the room was pretty dark.*