Jul 1, 2009


When Jon is out of town this is who I get to share my bed with.


Yep, that would be Hiro, sleeping in the exact center of the bed. I have to sleep at a diagonal to accommodate our 80lb dog. He is so spoiled!

Luckily, I just talked to Jon and he is coming home tonight! Which means we can keep our plans to leave for Plano tomorrow and, more importantly, I will have someone who is not a bed-hog to share my bed with tonight. :)


*sorry for the poor picture quality…I used my iphone and the room was pretty dark.*


The Haynes Family said...

maru does this too! he's only 18 pounds ("only" hahaha), but somehow he manages to take up most of the bed as well! Maybe pets go to a school to learn how to do this....?

Jill said...

That is so cute! Maverick used to do that too! Glad Jon is coming back so you can have a great 4th!