Jul 26, 2009

A Whole Lot of Nothing

That pretty much sums up our weekend. We basically just hung around the house and took advantage of our Netflix instant queue.

We did venture out of the house yesterday to run some errands. We picked up some sheets at good old JCP.


The sheets we had were a cotton sateen and I just did not like their slick feeling. Not to mention the fitted sheet would not stay on the mattress no matter what I did.  I just wanted to get some plain white cotton sheets. After looking around and testing the sheets at JCP, we settled on a pair of bamboo/cotton sheets. I know! Bamboo?? We are not super “green” people, I mean don’t get me wrong, we do recycle, but we don’t go out and only by organic or green products. But these sheets were so soft and they were on sale (which is all Jon needed to sell him). I washed them yesterday and we used them last night, and I have to say I really like them!

We also took Hiro to the park a couple times this weekend and while Jon did some running, Hiro and I walked and played ball.

Other than that we took it easy this weekend, which was just what I needed. I felt pretty blah all weekend…I guess I am officially at 6 weeks, symptoms and all.



The Haynes Family said...

Ahh! Sorry to hear you're experiencing the... less pleasant... side of being pregnant. Steven & I picked up some preggy-stuff for you this weekend. I'll send it asap. :)

P.S. the second trimester is SO much better.

Chelsa said...

i'm just starting to feel a little relief from being sick all day. i still have my moments but it isn't all day anymore. i'm 9 wks and 1 day now. i'm still tired all the time though!

hope yours doesn't last too long!