Jul 13, 2009

First Day Back

The first day back to work after a relaxing vacation is never fun.

Today was okay, it was a long day of therapy with a couple of kids who weren’t exactly excited I was back. I’m just glad the day is over.

Tomorrow I have a couple of appointments but I don’t have any therapy sessions, which is so nice!

Jon’s parent’s rented a house in New Braunfels for the week so Thursday and Saturday we are spending the afternoon and evening there. It will be great to see everyone, hopefully I will remember to take pictures.

Okay, Jon and I are off to do our evening run…I am so proud of myself…I have only skipped two days in the last two weeks (although I did cut last nights run short because it was sooo hot! Tonight I am going to do the full thing!


*Update...we didn't run. Lame I know, but Jon woke up at 5 and drive to Ft Hood for a job, he worked all day and is pretty tired. What's worse he has to do it again tomorrow. :( We are taking it easy tonight.*

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jen + ryan said...

it's so hard coming back... glad you had fun though!