Jul 2, 2009

Show Us Where You Live – Garages and Yards


It’s time for Show Us Where You Live! This week we are moving outside and showing off garages and yards.

While I can claim that I did 99% of the decorating and organizing in every room inside our house, I have not done much, if anything, in the yard or garage. Jon has been working hard in the backyard and he regularly cleans out the garage to keep it looking clean and organized, isn’t he a great husband? :)

Here is our garage.



Some of the smaller details: Our cinderblock shelves hold tools, paint and bike equipment. Notice our huge recycling bin (the blue one). It is great! We are able to recycle so much and now that we have this huge bin it has motivated us to IMG_1302recycle even more.  To save space we hung our bikes up on the wall.





This little refrigerator used to be in our kitchen. We bought a new one a few months ago, so we moved this one out to the garage. We love Costco, and now we can stock up on all kinds of things. We keep meat and lots of waffles (one of Jon’s staple foods) in the freezer and a variety of drinks, bought in bulk, in the refrigerator.


This is  Jon’s favorite toy in the garage. He bought it about a year ago. I ride occasionally, but only for short distances. And don’t worry, we always wear a helmet. :)


Now on to the backyard. Jon has been working hard over the last few weeks and this is what we are enjoying (on evenings when it gets below 100)! To check out our almost complete backyard makeover go here and here. IMG_1303

As you can see we are only about half way through staining the pergola. Unfortunately, we can only stain when the temp is below 90, and around here that means getting out around 7 am. We are thinking it may be a fall project. :) We are going to plant some vines to grow up the lattice, but again, that will have to wait until the temperature goes down.  In the winter we are going to invest  in a chiminea. I can just see us sitting in our chairs, wrapped up in a warm blanket and roasting marshmallows, I can’t wait! IMG_1304


This is Hiro’s outside water bowl. Last summer we bought him a baby pool. Once he realized it wasn’t a huge water bowl, he LOVED it! Unfortunately he would go swimming and then just walk right though the doggie door without even shaking off!Needless to say we did not enjoy cleaning up after him, so we haven’t brought the pool out this summer. We take him to swim just about every day and he spends most of the day sleeping inside so we don’t really need it.


Thanks for checking out our spaces! Before you go back inside don’t forget to…




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Pam said...

Love the pergula. My landlord has provided 2 of the big blue recycling cans for our 2 families. It's awesome getting to do that much for the emvironment.