Apr 27, 2011

Snack Time

Recently Aedan has decided that he can feed himself with a spoon/fork. He wants zero help, and is intent on getting the job done on his own. A lot of the things he eats are finger food, but we do use a spoon to feed him at least one thing every meal (oatmeal, yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc….). We now have to have two spoons, one for him and one for us to use (otherwise we would be there for hours).

This is what snack time looked like at our house yesterday.…




So proud of himself.

On a much more somber note, my great aunt passed away on Sunday. She passed away in her sleep, so it was sudden for us in that we didn’t get to say goodbye, but it was very peaceful for her. After losing both my grandfathers this passed year; both of which were very sick in the end, I am truly happy she didn’t have to go through anything like that. Of course we were not ready to lose her and it has been a tough week for my family. I want to write a post about her but I am still working on getting my words together. If you could keep our family in your prayers this week, it would be much appreciated.


Apr 22, 2011


Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at life’s situations. I can think of hundreds of times where the only thing I could do was laugh…

There was the time that I lost my drivers license on our honeymoon in San Francisco. It was our second day out on the town and we decided to do a lot of walking and shopping around the city. I thought I wouldn’t want to carry a purse around (I have never been a big purse fan) and for some reason I thought I should carry my license, so I put it in my back pocket. Then right after this picture was taken, I realized it was not in my pocket anymore.


We retraced all our steps to no avail. It was a little stressful, you know since we were on our way to Napa Valley the next day (apparently they assume that if you go to Napa, you are old enough to drink and no one asked for my id). Then of course there was the whole getting on a plane to come home with no id. But everything worked out and a few weeks after we got back, someone mailed me my license, which they had found on the vary corner this picture was taken…all you can do is laugh.

Then there was the time that Jon woke up hearing Hiro go in and out of the doggie door over and over. He got up to find out why, and when he turned the porch light on he saw every single pair of my shoes spread across the backyard. When I asked what was wrong, he said “Lauren don’t freak out, it will be okay” Needless to say I jumped out of bed and when I saw my flats, my boots (including Uggs), my tennis shoes, etc…I just had to laugh. How can you get mad at this little guy (although he wasn’t quite this small when he carried out my shoe collection)…


Then there was a an afternoon a few days ago. I made Aedan a smoothie and put it in this type of cup. He loved it. imageWe then headed outside to play with his sidewalk chalk. He was having a blast walking around with his smoothie, when he saw a small glass candle on the table on our porch. He walked over an grabbed it. Me, being ever so smart, told him to  “put it down”, instead of walking over and taking it from him. He has been really good about listening all week and guess what he did? Yup, he put it down. Just let go and let it drop to the concrete. Of course it shattered, so I quickly scooped him up (he was totally fine) and put him in his swing. While I went to grab the dust pan, I gave him his smoothie to drink. Just as I got the glass picked up I looked up at Aedan, who was covered in his smoothie. Apparently the top of his cup had come partly off and in my hurry to get the glass picked up, I had not noticed. He was basically sitting in a puddle of berry smoothie and had it everywhere. Sigh, I just couldn’t win. So I laughed. Then Aedan started to laugh and clap his hands. And few paper towels later we were good to go.

What about you all? Have you found yourself in a situation and the only thing left to do is laugh?


Apr 20, 2011

Clean House

A few weeks ago I bought a Groupon for a good deal on a house cleaning. I called and scheduled for them to come out yesterday. Seriously, it is a little ridiculous how much I had been looking forward to them coming out.

I am a neat freak, maybe a little too much so if you ask Jon. But having a clean house puts me in the best mood. With work, Aedan and a dog that seems to shed more an more everyday, it is hard to keep the house clean.

So yesterday morning, I got Aedan up and after breakfast we heading out to Town Lake to walk, so we would be out of the way when they came to clean (Jon worked from home yesterday so he was here to let them in).

Usually I go walking with a friend once or twice a week, but she was out of town this week so it was just me an Aedan.

It was perfect. It got pretty hot yesterday (high 90s already…we are in for it this summer!) but in the morning it was pretty cloudy and breezy so it was comfortable. Aedan feel asleep for most of the walk so I just enjoyed the quiet time outside.

On our way back home, we stopped at the grocery store and bought food for the week. I like grocery shopping…is that strange? The only thing I dislike is the amount I spend every week. I have tried to get on board with coupons, but I just can’t seem to do it. Plus usually half of my cart is full of produce which rarely has coupons. If you coupon, how did you get started?? I need help!

Aedan and I made it back home just as the cleaning crew was finishing up. We had lunch and then I put him down for an early nap and enjoyed my clean house. Love it! Now if I could afford to have them come out every week, I’d be good to go…

And since no post is complete without a picture…


Gotta love the bear crawl with chalky hands and feet.


Apr 18, 2011

TV Watching

We don’t watch commercials. I’m sure most people don’t watch commercials anymore with the invention of DVRs and such. But not only do we not watch commercials, but we don’t fast forward through them either. How? I don’t know, but it is one of the many benefits to having a computer guy for a husband.

We don’t have cable – shocking since I am a TV lover, but it hasn’t been too bad. We get basic channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.… and I can watch most of my cable shows online (you know like Army Wives, Teen Mom and the Real Housewives of where ever) – as you can see I only watch quality TV. All I need is for TLC to jump on the band wagon and put up full episodes like everyone else!

We watch TV through Xbox media center and Jon has some program that goes through our recorded shows and takes out the commercials. Best.thing.ever.

Well almost the best thing. See, while I love not sitting through annoying loud commercials, I don’t love that I miss previews for new shows. I tend to miss the first episodes of new seasons because I miss all the ads that announce the air date. Tragic right? I know, it is tough.

It happened on Friday. I miss the first episode of the new season of Friday Night Lights.


I heart this show. And guess what? It is totally filmed in Austin. Not only in Austin, but a lot of it is filmed on the east side of Austin, our stomping ground. One morning Jon and I were driving to our favorite breakfast place and drove right by Ray’s BBQ.


Luckily I am watched the first episode online this morning (instead of getting work done) and I have already set up my fancy DVR, so next Friday I will be watching episode 2 without commercials.


Apr 17, 2011

Our Garden: Part One

We have wanted to build a garden in our backyard ever since we moved in 4 1/2 years ago…go us for being on the ball on that one. Oh well, life happens.

Recently Jon was over at our neighbor’s house and they happen to have a super nice garden. He decided it was high time we get our rolling. Um…have I mentioned that the only plant I have had luck with is my indoor ivy? I’m pretty sure this thing could live in a closet and be fine. Hopefully we will have better luck with our garden than I have had with plants in the past.

After checking out our neighbor’s garden, Jon decided he wanted to build a similar type fence around ours. Have you seen my husband’s handy work? He build this without plans. Like just had the idea in his head, bought the wood and build it. I was/am impressed. So, I knew he would have no trouble building our garden fence.

Friday night we went to Home Depot to check out supplies. We are the “window shop and then come home and talk before making purchases” kind of people. Aedan had a blast at Home Depot. Now that he is walking, I decided to let him walk with us down the isles. He loved the idea of walking, but the idea of walking next to us not so much. Mr. Stubborn…

Saturday morning, Jon got started clearing away our garden area. I didn’t take a before picture, but basically it was just grass. By then end of the day, he had the spot cleared and holes dug for the posts. We headed back to Home Depot to get the wood.


Today he has been out working on the fence and is just about done. with the first step. We Jon is going to fill in the frames with wire and then put a ledge to finish off the top. Once that is done, we will make some boxes for the planting area and filling in a pathway with our leftover crushed granite. We are hoping to get it finished up next weekend and start planting soon after that so stay tuned for more pictures.


While Jon worked on the fence, Aedan and I thought it would be a perfect day for some sidewalk chalk, bubbles and bare feet.




Love this spring weather!



Apr 15, 2011

13 Months

I’m not sure how long I will keep doing these monthly updates, but I feel like Aedan has changes so much this last month so I knew I needed to record it…


(This cute picture was taken by our good friend Aaron. He is good right?!?!  He took our family pictures and my maternity pictures. Maybe someday, I’ll take pictures like this.)

Aedan, here is what you are up to these days…

  • At your 1 year check up, you weighed 23 lbs. I can’t remember how tall you were (and I am too lazy to get up and look) but you have evened yourself out and are now in the 50% percentile for everything.
  • You sleep from about 7:30/8pm-7:30/8am
  • You also still take two naps a day, in the morning for about 1-1.5 hours and in the afternoon for 2-2.5 hours.
  • You love to WALK. You are officially a walker. Around your birthday you were taking a few steps, but you weren’t standing up without pulling up on something. About a week or two after your birthday, you started to stand up all on your own and since then you pretty much walk everywhere.. Nana (your babysitter), sent me a text today saying you were just walking all around the house and loving it).
  • You love to wave and clap your hands.
  • You have also learned how to sign “all done”. It makes me laugh because you do it all the time…like when I lay you down to change your diaper, when we are waiting in line at the grocery store, when I put country music on in the car (apparently you are not a fan), or when you get tried and are ready for a nap. This morning you fell down and bumped your head and immediately started signing all done…I think you have over generalized it a bit, but it’s okay because it is too cute!
  • You love to look your books. You pull them out of your basket one by one and give them to us to read.
  • You can throw you toy balls and you even kick Daddy’s little soccer ball around.
  • While you have decreased the amount of food you eat, you have increased the variety. You will pretty much try whatever we give you. Your current favorites are blueberries, cheese, and chicken.
  • You officially have a blanket (sheet protector), you look for it when you are tired or upset and you love to hold it close to your face.
  • You have always been a fan of being outside and that has not changed a bit. When you want to go outside you will stand and knock bang on the door. You get excited when I ask you if you want to go outside or if I tell you we need to find your shoes.
  • You still love Hiro and you think he is chasing you every time he comes through the doggie door. As soon as you hear the door open, you drop what you are doing and start laughing while you try to run away. I don’t think Hiro gets the game yet, but you think it is hilarious!
  • You say “Dada” and “Nana” often and Daddy says you say “Mama” a lot when I am not around, but apparently you see no reason in calling my name when I am already present.
  • You also say “dat” when you want something. I have also heard you say “ook” (book) and “nahnah” (banana), but you only say them when you want too. Mostly we hear a lot of “DAT” and “NahNa” while you point at various things you can’t reach/are not supposed to have. or “uh uh” (uh oh) when you drop something.
  • You throw some pretty awesome tantrums when you don’t get your way. You like to kick and scream or crawl in slow motion with you head down while screaming – you definitely have a temper and a dramatic side. We are totally in for it when you get older, I’m sure!

Aedan you make us laugh everyday and definitely keep us on our toes! We love watching you grow and explore as you show us more and more who you are. You are very loved and we are very blessed. –love, mommy.


Apr 13, 2011

Goodbye Bottles

About a week after Aedan turned one, we decided it was time to say goodbye to bottles. I was a little nervous, not because he was super attached to his bottle, but because I just knew there was no way he would drink as much milk out of a sippy cup.

Well after a couple of days of me worrying and him getting used the the whole milk in a sippy cup, I am happy to say that it was an easy transition. He gets 3 servings of milk a day and some days he drinks more than others, but overall I know he is getting plenty.


He prefers his milk out of these sippy cups and I like them because they have oz. measurements on them just like a bottle. I replaced the bottle like top with a sippy top and we are good to go.


Oh and it is so great to not have to wash bottles all the time! All and all, we are pretty happy.



Apr 11, 2011


Mondays…sigh. I’m already ready for the weekend, enough said.

Last night I got a text from Aedan’s sitter. She wanted to remind me that she would be out for the day because she and her oldest daughter were going to visit Baylor. Her mom was going to be watching the babies. No big deal, right? Really it wasn’t. Her mom lives in the neighborhood and has met Aedan many times before.

BUT, lately Aedan has been having a hard time when I leave him at the sitter’s house. This is how it goes. We drive to her house. Aedan “talks” the whole way there. I talk to him about how he is going to Nana’s house (that’s what the kids call her). He totally says “Nana” by the way. It’s cute. So we pull up at her house. He is all excited about getting out of the car. We walk to the front door and he holds the screen door open while I knock. He sits in my arms and smiles as he waits for Nana to come to the door. She opens the door and Aedan flashes her a big grin and waves. We walk in and he reaches for her. She takes him and I put his stuff on a bench. Then I try to make a quick exit. AND that is when Aedan loses it. Like hardcore crying. I can usually hear him when I get to my car. Sigh. Nana says he always calms down pretty fast, but still. Oh and get this, Jon dropped him off last week and did Aedan cry? Nope, not one tear. Sigh.

So, I was a little nervous about Nana’s mom having to deal with my dramatic little guy. Sure enough as soon as I start to leave, Aedan loses it. But when I went to pick him up a few hours later, he was all smiles. Nana’s mom said he did really well, and only got mad once (when she took away the baby carseat he was not suppose to be playing with). Have I mentioned he has a temper? Um, we are totally going to be in for it when he turns 2! I’m just glad he wasn’t too much of a handful. :)

And now Monday is done, and I have two days to work from home and hang out with my little guy.


Our Weekend

This weekend my parents and sister came for a visit. We all had a blast!

Friday evening, we got hamburgers and headed to the park for a picnic. I learned an important lesson…if I want Aedan to actually eat dinner, I need to feed him before we go to the park. He was way to busy exploring the park, playing in the dogs water bowl and trying to steal everyone’s lemonade (he is obsessed with any drink with a straw).



Regardless of Aedan skipping dinner, we all had fun.



Saturday morning, Jon, my sister and I got up early and set up for our neighborhood garage sale. We were able to get rid of a bunch of stuff and made a good profit. Everything that was left when we closed up, got loaded into the car and taken to Goodwill.

Aedan enjoyed eating his breakfast and waving at everyone that stopped by. Oh and don’t worry, no one took us up on the free baby, even though he came with a walker, milk and breakfast bar. :)

photo 2.edit

Saturday afternoon I got to go shopping with my mom and sister while Pops babysat Aedan. We had a great time and I got some cute stuff for the house. I am redoing our guest bathroom. I’ll post some pictures once I get everything done. By the time we got home, we were all pretty tired so that evening we all relaxed with pizza and good beer.

Sunday morning, my sister and I went to boot camp before she headed up to Round Rock to see my grandmother.

Sunday afternoon, Jon, Aedan and I all took a long nap and then while I was getting everything ready for my Monday meetings, Jon cleaned the house. He did a great job, like on his hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floors. There is nothing better than relaxing on Sunday evening in a clean house and work taken care of. :)

Happy Monday!


Apr 6, 2011

Goings On

I’m not sure why I have gotten in a habit of only blogging once a week. I think of random things to post, but then never end up publishing them. So here are a few things in bullet points before I let another week go by…

  • Work – everything is going pretty well. I think I have finally decided on a name for my company, but I need to do a little more research to see if I can use the name. Seriously everything I have thought of has turned out to be a name of a company somewhere else, it is pretty difficult to come up with something original!
  • Aedan is a walking maniac. He walks all around the house and is pretty stable. BUT he loves to walk with thing in his hand. Things like a spoon, blanket, or stick. You know, things that are totally safe to walk with and not easily tripped on…yeah right!
  • I have been going to a neighborhood boot camp for a few weeks now. I love it! It started off as a once a week thing, but now the trainer is leading a class 3 times a week. The fact that it is only down the street has been a huge part of why I have been so consistent in going.
  • This weekend we are having a neighborhood garage sale. Jon and I spent a good part of last weekend cleaning out closets and drawers. I really didn’t think we had that much, but now that it is all stacked in the garage I changed my mind. We have a ton of stuff to sell and what doesn’t sell will be loaded straight into the car to take to Goodwill.
  • My parents and my sister are coming in town for the weekend. We are planning to go on our family picnic Friday night and maybe I will even be able to squeeze in some shopping with my mom and sister – my favorite!
  • Tonight I am getting together with some good girlfriends for happy hour tonight, so excited!!