Apr 6, 2011

Goings On

I’m not sure why I have gotten in a habit of only blogging once a week. I think of random things to post, but then never end up publishing them. So here are a few things in bullet points before I let another week go by…

  • Work – everything is going pretty well. I think I have finally decided on a name for my company, but I need to do a little more research to see if I can use the name. Seriously everything I have thought of has turned out to be a name of a company somewhere else, it is pretty difficult to come up with something original!
  • Aedan is a walking maniac. He walks all around the house and is pretty stable. BUT he loves to walk with thing in his hand. Things like a spoon, blanket, or stick. You know, things that are totally safe to walk with and not easily tripped on…yeah right!
  • I have been going to a neighborhood boot camp for a few weeks now. I love it! It started off as a once a week thing, but now the trainer is leading a class 3 times a week. The fact that it is only down the street has been a huge part of why I have been so consistent in going.
  • This weekend we are having a neighborhood garage sale. Jon and I spent a good part of last weekend cleaning out closets and drawers. I really didn’t think we had that much, but now that it is all stacked in the garage I changed my mind. We have a ton of stuff to sell and what doesn’t sell will be loaded straight into the car to take to Goodwill.
  • My parents and my sister are coming in town for the weekend. We are planning to go on our family picnic Friday night and maybe I will even be able to squeeze in some shopping with my mom and sister – my favorite!
  • Tonight I am getting together with some good girlfriends for happy hour tonight, so excited!!



Nichole said...

Hope you have a great weekend! Good luck with the sale! :o) Have a drink for me...still nursing!

Chelsa said...

sounds like you have a fun weekend coming up! with moving in this weekend we have the basement FULL of stuff for a yard sale! i can't wait to get it out of the house all together. i read a post once about how clutter weighs on your mind subconciously... i totally agree with that (even if it does sound kooky!).

Chelsa said...

p.s. corbin alwys wants to walk with something in his hand too! what's up with that?!