Apr 20, 2011

Clean House

A few weeks ago I bought a Groupon for a good deal on a house cleaning. I called and scheduled for them to come out yesterday. Seriously, it is a little ridiculous how much I had been looking forward to them coming out.

I am a neat freak, maybe a little too much so if you ask Jon. But having a clean house puts me in the best mood. With work, Aedan and a dog that seems to shed more an more everyday, it is hard to keep the house clean.

So yesterday morning, I got Aedan up and after breakfast we heading out to Town Lake to walk, so we would be out of the way when they came to clean (Jon worked from home yesterday so he was here to let them in).

Usually I go walking with a friend once or twice a week, but she was out of town this week so it was just me an Aedan.

It was perfect. It got pretty hot yesterday (high 90s already…we are in for it this summer!) but in the morning it was pretty cloudy and breezy so it was comfortable. Aedan feel asleep for most of the walk so I just enjoyed the quiet time outside.

On our way back home, we stopped at the grocery store and bought food for the week. I like grocery shopping…is that strange? The only thing I dislike is the amount I spend every week. I have tried to get on board with coupons, but I just can’t seem to do it. Plus usually half of my cart is full of produce which rarely has coupons. If you coupon, how did you get started?? I need help!

Aedan and I made it back home just as the cleaning crew was finishing up. We had lunch and then I put him down for an early nap and enjoyed my clean house. Love it! Now if I could afford to have them come out every week, I’d be good to go…

And since no post is complete without a picture…


Gotta love the bear crawl with chalky hands and feet.



Chelsa said...

I coupon SOME, but I'm kind of burnt out on it. As a working mom I sometimes feel it takes up too much of my precious time!

Ohhh, what I would do for a cleaning lady! We don't have cleaning services around here, but a few cleaning ladies... I seriously need one... but I'm such a neat freak as well that I'm afraid I'd clean the house before they came! lol

Nichole said...

I have no help with coupons. I hate grocery shopping (I make husband do it). Cute picture! :o) Oh, and I love a clean house too! Puts me in the best mood!