Apr 11, 2011


Mondays…sigh. I’m already ready for the weekend, enough said.

Last night I got a text from Aedan’s sitter. She wanted to remind me that she would be out for the day because she and her oldest daughter were going to visit Baylor. Her mom was going to be watching the babies. No big deal, right? Really it wasn’t. Her mom lives in the neighborhood and has met Aedan many times before.

BUT, lately Aedan has been having a hard time when I leave him at the sitter’s house. This is how it goes. We drive to her house. Aedan “talks” the whole way there. I talk to him about how he is going to Nana’s house (that’s what the kids call her). He totally says “Nana” by the way. It’s cute. So we pull up at her house. He is all excited about getting out of the car. We walk to the front door and he holds the screen door open while I knock. He sits in my arms and smiles as he waits for Nana to come to the door. She opens the door and Aedan flashes her a big grin and waves. We walk in and he reaches for her. She takes him and I put his stuff on a bench. Then I try to make a quick exit. AND that is when Aedan loses it. Like hardcore crying. I can usually hear him when I get to my car. Sigh. Nana says he always calms down pretty fast, but still. Oh and get this, Jon dropped him off last week and did Aedan cry? Nope, not one tear. Sigh.

So, I was a little nervous about Nana’s mom having to deal with my dramatic little guy. Sure enough as soon as I start to leave, Aedan loses it. But when I went to pick him up a few hours later, he was all smiles. Nana’s mom said he did really well, and only got mad once (when she took away the baby carseat he was not suppose to be playing with). Have I mentioned he has a temper? Um, we are totally going to be in for it when he turns 2! I’m just glad he wasn’t too much of a handful. :)

And now Monday is done, and I have two days to work from home and hang out with my little guy.


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Chelsa said...

Oh my- Aedan and Corbin's temper's even sound alike! I'm always saying to Ryan, "If it's this bad now, we're going to be in for it!". Yikes!

I'm glad we survived Monday! :)