Apr 15, 2011

13 Months

I’m not sure how long I will keep doing these monthly updates, but I feel like Aedan has changes so much this last month so I knew I needed to record it…


(This cute picture was taken by our good friend Aaron. He is good right?!?!  He took our family pictures and my maternity pictures. Maybe someday, I’ll take pictures like this.)

Aedan, here is what you are up to these days…

  • At your 1 year check up, you weighed 23 lbs. I can’t remember how tall you were (and I am too lazy to get up and look) but you have evened yourself out and are now in the 50% percentile for everything.
  • You sleep from about 7:30/8pm-7:30/8am
  • You also still take two naps a day, in the morning for about 1-1.5 hours and in the afternoon for 2-2.5 hours.
  • You love to WALK. You are officially a walker. Around your birthday you were taking a few steps, but you weren’t standing up without pulling up on something. About a week or two after your birthday, you started to stand up all on your own and since then you pretty much walk everywhere.. Nana (your babysitter), sent me a text today saying you were just walking all around the house and loving it).
  • You love to wave and clap your hands.
  • You have also learned how to sign “all done”. It makes me laugh because you do it all the time…like when I lay you down to change your diaper, when we are waiting in line at the grocery store, when I put country music on in the car (apparently you are not a fan), or when you get tried and are ready for a nap. This morning you fell down and bumped your head and immediately started signing all done…I think you have over generalized it a bit, but it’s okay because it is too cute!
  • You love to look your books. You pull them out of your basket one by one and give them to us to read.
  • You can throw you toy balls and you even kick Daddy’s little soccer ball around.
  • While you have decreased the amount of food you eat, you have increased the variety. You will pretty much try whatever we give you. Your current favorites are blueberries, cheese, and chicken.
  • You officially have a blanket (sheet protector), you look for it when you are tired or upset and you love to hold it close to your face.
  • You have always been a fan of being outside and that has not changed a bit. When you want to go outside you will stand and knock bang on the door. You get excited when I ask you if you want to go outside or if I tell you we need to find your shoes.
  • You still love Hiro and you think he is chasing you every time he comes through the doggie door. As soon as you hear the door open, you drop what you are doing and start laughing while you try to run away. I don’t think Hiro gets the game yet, but you think it is hilarious!
  • You say “Dada” and “Nana” often and Daddy says you say “Mama” a lot when I am not around, but apparently you see no reason in calling my name when I am already present.
  • You also say “dat” when you want something. I have also heard you say “ook” (book) and “nahnah” (banana), but you only say them when you want too. Mostly we hear a lot of “DAT” and “NahNa” while you point at various things you can’t reach/are not supposed to have. or “uh uh” (uh oh) when you drop something.
  • You throw some pretty awesome tantrums when you don’t get your way. You like to kick and scream or crawl in slow motion with you head down while screaming – you definitely have a temper and a dramatic side. We are totally in for it when you get older, I’m sure!

Aedan you make us laugh everyday and definitely keep us on our toes! We love watching you grow and explore as you show us more and more who you are. You are very loved and we are very blessed. –love, mommy.


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Chelsa said...

thanks for reminding me that i need to do a 14 mo. post!

love hearing more about Aedan-- maybe I'll just copy your list! lol