Oct 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

No baby yet…in fact I went to the doctor today and I am still a 6. We actually had to move my induction date to 11/2 because my doctor had something come up on 10/29. The next date open was Halloween and I don’t really want to make her birthday Halloween if I can help it. So the 2nd it is. My doctor was like you probably won’t make it until then anyway, but then she told me she didn’t really think I would even make it to today…I am thinking it is going to end up being the 2nd. So 11 more days to go…

My parents hung out at our house on Friday and ended up taking Aedan up to Round Rock to spend the night with them. He had a blast and has been asking to go back ever since. Jon and I decided to go out to a place close by for some dessert since we were on our own for the night.

Saturday morning we met my best friend and her husband for breakfast at Kirby Lane. Her husband was in town to go to the UT game so we were able to hang out for most of the day which was great. She and I did some shopping Saturday afternoon, and went out for dinner together. We don’t get to hang out much anymore so it was really nice to have some time together.

On Sunday we went to run some errands in the morning and then just relaxed around the house the rest of the day. My mom came back over for the night since my dad had to go back to Dallas for a meeting. She, Aedan and I all went for a long walk this morning and played at the park.

I am pretty much done with work, I just have a little bit to finish on a progress report so I guess for the next couple of weeks I will just be waiting and taking it easy. :)


Oct 19, 2012

No Baby Yet

Don't let my lack of blogging this week make you think I had a baby, because I have not. But I have a pretty good story and I am hoping we will have this baby sooner rather than later.

Thursday morning, around 2:30am I woke up because I was having contractions. Really contractions. I waited abut 45 minutes and then decided to time them. They were about every 5-6 min apart. So I waited another 45 min and woke Jon up. I kept telling myself if I had just one more I'd call the on call doctor. Finally around 5am I called. She told me I should go in and get checked out since I had been 4cm on Tuesday.

So around 5 I called my parents, who had decided to come into town early, just the night before. They came over to watch Aedan and Jon and I headed to the hospital around 6am. My contractions were still coming every 5-6 minutes and were pretty uncomfortable.

We got checked in and they started monitoring me. After about an hour they said my contractions were every 4 min and I was 5cm. This is exactly how my labor started with Aedan. With him they broke my water and things moved pretty fast. Well since I am only 37 weeks now, they didn't want to break my water so we just waited. And waited. By mid afternoon my contractions were slowing down to about every 6 min. They checked me one last time and I was 6cm but again they couldn't do anything to help me along.

Eventually I decided to just come home and wait. I was still having contractions (and still am, but they are pretty irregular and not as painful). So now we continue to wait. Honestly, who walks around 6cm dilated but not in labor? Me apparently. Sigh.

So the nurse said I could be back today, tomorrow or next week, but when it does start to happen it should move pretty fast. Hopefully not too fast...I intend to have this baby in the hospital and with an epidural!


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Oct 16, 2012

Full Term!

Well, I guess tomorrow I will be officially full term, but close enough.

I had my 37 week appointment today and I am a 3.5/4 so a little closer now. :) My doctor also set an induction date of 10/29 if she hasn’t come by then, which means she will definitely be an October baby! I only have 13 more days to go at the most (although my doctor doesn’t think I will make it that long) so even though I feel like it…I will not be pregnant forever! Yay!

photo (9)

How Far Along: 37 weeks
Size of Baby: A winter melon
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Actually, I haven’t gained anything since 35 weeks, which is good since I am up 30 lbs. now. 
Gender: Hopefully still a girl. :) Adelaide Caroline
Movement: Lots of movement and lots of contractions.
Sleep: Not so bad lately, I get up a bunch to use the bathroom, but I fall back asleep pretty fast afterward which is nice.
Maternity Clothes: Same as before, and I am getting tired of them. I am tired of wearing jeans that I keep having to pull up all the time. I have one more work meeting tomorrow and then I think it is yoga pants all the time for me!
Symptoms: 3.5/4 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Getting close now!
Aversions: Nothing really.
Cravings: Fruit and ice water and sweet things (not great for the weight gain).
What I miss: Same as before, not feeling so big and having a hard time moving around/playing with Aedan on the floor.
Worst Moment of the week: Can’t think of a practically bad moment, just more of the same, busy and worn out.
Best Moment this week: Her nursery is done, well except there isn’t anything on the walls, but that probably won’t change before she comes so I’m calling it done for now. I am hoping to share pictures by Friday!

Oct 12, 2012

Our New Kitchen Table

Back when I shared some pictures of our kitchen/dining area, I mentioned that eventually we wanted to get a larger table with a bench for one side.

Well, our friends Jason and Meredith recently got married and just sold Jason’s house. He had this great dinning set and they no longer had room for it. They gave us a great deal and last weekend we moved it into our space.

I love it!

photo (8)

If fits the area so much better than our last table did and now we can easily sit 7-8 people around the table. Plus an additional two people at the island.

Oh and I don’t think I had taken a picture of the rug I got for our dinning area. I got it over the summer from Ikea. It has been perfect. It is easy to clean and hides everything, which is key with a toddler eating at the table!

Speaking of toddler, Aedan loves the new table also. He thinks he is such a big kid because he gets to sit at the bench now.


Oct 11, 2012

36 Weeks


How Far Along: 36 weeks
Size of Baby: A honeydew melon
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Enough. :)
Gender: Hopefully still a girl. :) Adelaide Caroline
Movement: Lots of movement.
Sleep: Not so bad lately. Once I get comfortable I fall asleep pretty fast and sleep well. She has dropped now, so I don’t have nearly as much heartburn anymore.
Maternity Clothes: Same as before, and I am getting tired of them. I am tired of wearing jeans that I keep having to pull up all the time. I think I may just stick to yoga pants for the duration of this pregnancy unless I have to go to work!
Symptoms: I had an appointment on Tuesday and my doctor said I was still about the same, 3cm and 80% effaced, which is exactly what happened with Aedan too. I have had a few real contractions but mostly I am just uncomfortable. I have a lot of ligament pain under my belly and I am just ready to be done!
Aversions: Same as before, there are still a few things that made me sick early on that I just don’t like to think about.
Cravings: Fruit and ice water and sweet things (not great for the weight gain).
What I miss: Not feeling so big and having a hard time moving around/playing with Aedan on the floor.
Worst Moment of the week: Can’t think of a practically bad moment, just more of the same, busy and worn out.
Best Moment this week: I bought blinds and a curtain rod for the nursery so as soon as I can get Jon to hang them up, it will be done and I can share some pictures! 


Oct 5, 2012

Friday Randomness

  • I went to the doctor yesterday for my 35 week appointment. She checked me and I am 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced. I was at exactly that same point with Aedan, but not until 37 weeks. He came about 2 weeks later. I am hoping she stays put for a little more than 2 weeks, but it is looking like we may have an October baby instead of a November baby!
  • Aedan fell asleep during lunch at school on Tuesday. His teacher took a picture and showed me. Poor guy. She said when they got him up at the end of lunch, he bounced right up and had a ton of energy though. I guess he just needed a quick power nap. Haha!
  • Oh and he went to school yesterday in underwear and did great! I still put him in a diaper during naps, although all week he has woken up dry so I could probably stop that. He is still in a diaper overnight too and that I don’t think is going to change for awhile, but other than that he wears underwear all the time! At least we will save money on diapers for a couple of weeks, until Adelaide comes. Haha!
  • I got my hair cut and highlighted this morning. I love it! I had put it off for as long as possible so it wouldn’t need to be done right after I had Adelaide. I love it!
  • There is a cold front coming through tomorrow morning and this weekend should feel pretty fall like. I am sure we will spend a lot of it outside. I can’t wait! Now that Jon is done with weekend shifts, Fridays are much more fun since we can look forward to enjoying the weekend.

Happy Friday!


Oct 2, 2012

Random Updates and Thoughts

  • I am loving the weather we are having! It could be cooler, but at least it is not hot anymore. Aedan pretty much spends all his free time outside…

photo 2

  • We are on week two of potty training and day 4 with zero accidents! He is doing really well and I am pretty sure he would be doing better, but I kept having to go back and forth between underwear and diapers last week since he spend a few days at his sitter’s house and then school and my mom 2 mom group. On Thursday we are going to try preschool in underwear and on Friday he will go to his sitter’s house in underwear. So I think now we are good to go!

photo 1

  • I’m splitting my commercial money with Jon, because while I was at the shoot, he was at home dealing with day two of potty training all by himself! He told me at one point Aedan went and got a diaper and brought it to him and asked to have it put on. I probably would have thrown in the towel, but they stuck it out and it only got better from there!
  • Speaking of commercial money, I have been trying to decide what I want to buy for myself since I feel like I can justify buying something just to have it. I am thinking about a new purse. Part of me thinks I should get a diaper bag, but honestly, I never really carried a diaper bag with Aedan. I always just had diapers, wipes and extra stuff in the car. Then in my purse I carried snacks and bottles. I found this purse that I think I love…

  • I guess it is getting to be time to think about packing a hospital bag. I can’t remember what I packed with Aedan other then the obvious; toiletries and clothes to wear home. Any must remember items I should throw in my bag?
  • Speaking of baby stuff, her nursery is almost done. Well, as done as it is going to be for now. I don’t have much up on the walls because I haven’t found anything I love yet, but other than that, we just need to hang up curtains and blinds and call it good. I’ll share pictures soon!
  • My friend gave me a bunch of her daughters baby clothes (Thanks Laura!!) and we are officially stocked in that department and since we already had all the big stuff, I think we are good to go!

photo 3

  • Lots of people are blogging everyday for the month of October and I think it sounds so fun. I’m a day late and I’m not sure I can keep up with everyday this month, but hopefully it will motivate me to keep up with 3 posts a week.