Oct 19, 2012

No Baby Yet

Don't let my lack of blogging this week make you think I had a baby, because I have not. But I have a pretty good story and I am hoping we will have this baby sooner rather than later.

Thursday morning, around 2:30am I woke up because I was having contractions. Really contractions. I waited abut 45 minutes and then decided to time them. They were about every 5-6 min apart. So I waited another 45 min and woke Jon up. I kept telling myself if I had just one more I'd call the on call doctor. Finally around 5am I called. She told me I should go in and get checked out since I had been 4cm on Tuesday.

So around 5 I called my parents, who had decided to come into town early, just the night before. They came over to watch Aedan and Jon and I headed to the hospital around 6am. My contractions were still coming every 5-6 minutes and were pretty uncomfortable.

We got checked in and they started monitoring me. After about an hour they said my contractions were every 4 min and I was 5cm. This is exactly how my labor started with Aedan. With him they broke my water and things moved pretty fast. Well since I am only 37 weeks now, they didn't want to break my water so we just waited. And waited. By mid afternoon my contractions were slowing down to about every 6 min. They checked me one last time and I was 6cm but again they couldn't do anything to help me along.

Eventually I decided to just come home and wait. I was still having contractions (and still am, but they are pretty irregular and not as painful). So now we continue to wait. Honestly, who walks around 6cm dilated but not in labor? Me apparently. Sigh.

So the nurse said I could be back today, tomorrow or next week, but when it does start to happen it should move pretty fast. Hopefully not too fast...I intend to have this baby in the hospital and with an epidural!


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