Oct 5, 2012

Friday Randomness

  • I went to the doctor yesterday for my 35 week appointment. She checked me and I am 3 cm dilated and 70% effaced. I was at exactly that same point with Aedan, but not until 37 weeks. He came about 2 weeks later. I am hoping she stays put for a little more than 2 weeks, but it is looking like we may have an October baby instead of a November baby!
  • Aedan fell asleep during lunch at school on Tuesday. His teacher took a picture and showed me. Poor guy. She said when they got him up at the end of lunch, he bounced right up and had a ton of energy though. I guess he just needed a quick power nap. Haha!
  • Oh and he went to school yesterday in underwear and did great! I still put him in a diaper during naps, although all week he has woken up dry so I could probably stop that. He is still in a diaper overnight too and that I don’t think is going to change for awhile, but other than that he wears underwear all the time! At least we will save money on diapers for a couple of weeks, until Adelaide comes. Haha!
  • I got my hair cut and highlighted this morning. I love it! I had put it off for as long as possible so it wouldn’t need to be done right after I had Adelaide. I love it!
  • There is a cold front coming through tomorrow morning and this weekend should feel pretty fall like. I am sure we will spend a lot of it outside. I can’t wait! Now that Jon is done with weekend shifts, Fridays are much more fun since we can look forward to enjoying the weekend.

Happy Friday!


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