Jan 29, 2015

Phone Pictures

It has been awhile since I have just put up phone pictures. Here is what has been going on lately…

We have had a couple of really beautiful days mixed in with lots of rainy days. When the weather is nice, we always try to get out and enjoy it!



Adelaide always wants to ride in Aedan’s jeep. Believe it or not, he does not always want to drive her around. Ha! I switched it to slow and tried to teach her how to drive. She is a little too short still, but I am guessing by summer she will have it down. I’m sure we will have two jeeps riding around the yard next fall!


We also ditched the baby swing. Adelaide does really well swinging on the normal swing. She thinks she is big stuff.



On those cold rainy days, this is what our couch usually looks like in the late afternoon.


We are all about Legos around here. This was an epic battle that Jon and Aedan set up.


Aedan still loved to dress up as all kinds of things. I think he was a Viking here or maybe a solider.


And if I take a pictures of Aedan…I have to take a picture of Adelaide (she insists on it!).


This is the face I got when I asked her to smile. Ha! I think she looks a little crazy, which seems pretty accurate most days!



Jan 26, 2015

Visiting Nenna & Pop

The weekend before last, we headed up to the Dallas area to visit my parents. It had been awhile since we had been up there and Aedan had been begging to go.

He kept saying he really want to go stay at the Nenna and Pop’s big house (they have my grandparents old house here in town, which Aedan calls the little house). When I would ask him why he wanted to go so badly, he told me it was because he wanted to play with the toys my mom had brought from the little house to the big house. The same ones he is able to play with at the little house with only a 20 minute drive. Ha!

Anyway, we headed up Friday morning and made it by lunch time. That afternoon, Aedan and I went to visit my mom’s school. I told Aedan she teaches big kids (middle school). He said he wants to be in her class when he gets bigger.

We had such a fun weekend. We rode the DART, played at the park a bunch, and did a lot of hanging out. The kids had so much fun and Aedan is already asking when we are going back.








Jan 12, 2015

All About Daddy

Adelaide is going through a serious “daddy is my favorite” phase. She has always been attached to him, but lately…it is out of control!

I think it started the week of Christmas. She was pretty sick with RSV and would not nap in her bed. She was so tired and miserable so Jon started rocking her to sleep. She loves to be rocked. He rocked her to sleep and let her sleep on him for 3 or 4 days straight of naps. Once she was feeling better, she went back to sleeping in her own bed, but decided that daddy was a clear favorite.

Now, when I try to go get her up in the morning or after nap, she immediately tells me “no, you go” “want daddy”. So that’s fun.

Last week, Jon went up to work before the kids woke up one morning. So, obviously, I had to get her out of bed. She was so mad. The whole time I was taking off her sleep sack and changing her diaper, she was thrashing around and screaming. Let me tell you, it was a great way to start the day. Ha!

She was so mad that she went and sat by the front door, crying for daddy for a good 10 minutes.


It’s funny, I remember Aedan going through a similar phase. Except he was all about mommy. One day I was leaving for a friends baby shower and Aedan was screaming as I walked out the door. Jon said he opened the door after I left to see what Aedan would do, and he proceeded to run down the driveway calling me. He probably would have run down the street, but Jon stopped him.

Adelaide is lucky Jon works from home and is usually around to give her random hugs and get her out of bed most of the time…


Jan 5, 2015

Happy New Year!

I am so happy to say that we are starting off 2015 with us all feeling well! I really think one of us was sick just about every.single.day in December!

Everyone was feeling better at the beginning of last week but the weather has been so bad lately. Just dark, gloomy and cold. The sun finally came out for the weekend, so we took advantage of it! We got outside and played at one of our favorite parks and then went to lunch on Sunday morning. It was such a fun day!



Today it was back to our normal schedule. Jon has been off for basically the past 2 weeks so it was a little hard to get up at the regular time this morning. Even the kids have been sleeping at least 30 minutes later everyday. But, it is nice to get back into our routine. We have one more week until the kids go back to school, but we have a lot planned so it is going to go fast!