Apr 29, 2010

Baby Schedule Update

We have been working on a schedule/routine for about a week now. It’s going really well. I think Aedan hit his 6 week growth spurt at the beginning of the week so during the day he was eating every 2 to 2.5 hours and then at night he downed two 4 oz bottles before bed!

It seems like we are past the growth spurt and now we are back to him eating about every 3 hours during the day (much more manageable than the snacking he was doing before).


He has also started to sleep much longer at night. On Tuesday night he was asleep from 9pm-3am then he ate and went right back to sleep until about 6:30am. Last night he had a hard time falling asleep and didn’t go to bed until 11, but he slept until 6:30. :)

Tonight he was pretty tired so he went down around 7:30. We are going to feed him again before we go to bed around 11, and I am hoping for another long stretch of sleep until the morning.


National Infertility Awareness Week

This week is National Infertility Awareness week.

I know there are many others out there that have struggled for much longer and endured many more treatments in regards to infertility, and many others that are still waiting for their journey to be over, but I wanted to share our story.

I always knew I wanted children. Jon and I talked about before we were married. It just seemed like the next step for us after marriage(and after we got this little guy).


We never really laid out a specific timeline for when we would start trying. One weekend, after we had been married for a little over a year, one of Jon’s good friends was visiting with his wife and their 9 month old son. We had such a great time with them and the baby. After they left I remember Jon and I talking about when we wanted to start trying. We didn’t think it would happen right away so we thought why not start now.

After about 6 months of not using birth control and waiting for something to happen, we started trying a little harder. I went to my doctor for my yearly appointment and mentioned that we had been trying for over 6 months. She said to come back in another 6 months if nothing happened. Ugh. I remember feeling so frustrated! I felt like we had been trying for so long. It seemed like so many of our friends were getting pregnant and while I was happy for each of them, it left me feeling discouraged.

I think that was about the time that I really started to read more blogs. I remember staying up late at night reading about other couples going through the same thing. It was such a comfort to read their stories and know that it wasn’t just us.

Finally after another 6 months had gone by I went back to my doctor. After being off the pill for a little over a year, my cycle was still irregular and very long. I felt like this could be the problem (which I had expressed at my previous appointment 6 months before) but my doctor didn’t think it was a problem. She did some tests on both of us and then referred us to a fertility specialist.

The specialist wanted to run her own test so of course it was another few months before we got those results. She found a cyst in my uterus that needed to be taken out. It was nothing serious and the surgery went well. The next cycle we decided to try Clomid since the specialist felt like my long cycles could indeed be the problem.

We tried the lowest level of Clomid. Towards the end of the 14 day wait we took a trip to South Padre. It was a relaxing trip and really helped keep my mind off testing. The day we were driving back was supposed to be the day I would start. When it didn’t happen that day, I decided I would take a test the next morning if I still had not started.


The next morning Jon had to get up early for a job. While he was making breakfast, I took a test. It was immediately positive. I’m pretty sure I sat there stunned for a few minutes. After 18 months of trying I was finally seeing my first positive test! I immediately went out to the kitchen to tell Jon. We were both pretty excited!


Now we have a healthy 6 week old boy and while he keeps us up at night and can be fussy at times, we love him so much and are so thankful for him. 


I know that God’s plan and timing is always perfect (despite the times we think it’s not). Looking back now I realize how much better timed his birth was than had we gotten pregnant right away. I was able to finish up grad school and my maternity level provided the perfect transition period for me to go from a therapist to a supervisor. Even though it was a long 18 months, I know our marriage was strengthen by the journey.


Apr 26, 2010

A Few Pictures

 IMG_2476Relaxing on the Boppy.

IMG_2490 Getting a little hungry.


Watching the fan, while Mommy folds laundry.


Watching the fan from my play mat.


Finally looking at the camera.



Back to the fan.

Apr 23, 2010

Show Us Your Life: How I Meet My Husband

I jumping back on the Show Us Your Life series over at Kelly’s Korner.

Jon and I meet in March of 2005. My best friend, Amanda, and I had decided to come down to Austin for a short spring break trip. We stayed with my aunt for the weekend. On Friday night Amanda and I went for coffee at Mozart's. I remember telling her that I was feeling really comfortable not being in a relationship and that I wanted to just enjoy being single for awhile. Little did I know, I would meet Jon the very next day.

spring break 3-2

On Saturday my aunt took Amanda and I to a concert at Antone’s. She invited a few of her friends and one happened to bring Jon along. We all had a lot of fun that evening and I was sad when it was over and we had to say goodbye, but I had a weird feeling that I would see Jon again. 

On our way home from the concert, Amanda mentioned to my aunt that I thought Jon was cute. Mu aunt called her friend, who had brought Jon to the concert, and asked if they wanted to come with us to the kite festival the next day. They did and we all had a great time. When we were leaving, Jon asked for my number and that was the beginning of our relationship.

spring break 4

I was living in Dallas at the time so we had a long distance relationship until I finished up school in May of 2006. When I graduated I moved down to Austin.

B-day 2

California 004

Wedding and Honeymoon pictures 041  

On December 16, 2006 Jon asked me to marry him and we tied the knot on March 25, 2007.


We have known each other for just over 5 years and been married for 3 now. We could not be happier, especially now that we have this little guy in our lives.



Apr 21, 2010

Baby Schedule

Life around the Dechiro house is going well.

We were finally able to clear up Aedan’s diaper rash (I think he had it for just about 3 week, poor little guy). Diaper changes are much quieter now. :)

Aedan has been on a pretty good schedule, but I felt like he was “snacking” a lot throughout the day vs nursing well and getting a full meal every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. So, today we have officially started a flexible Babywise type schedule. I started by getting Aedan up at 7 (even though he had just eaten at 5:30 and probably would have slept longer, I want to try and get a consistent wakeup time down before I go back to work). He ate and then we had some wake time before he went down for his first nap around 8:15.

The Babywise book talks about setting up a eat/wake/nap sequence for during the day and then just a eat/sleep sequence at night. It says to watch for signs that your baby is ready for a nap so I paid more attention today and was surprised how easy it was to put Aedan down for a nap. Before today I felt like we were on a eat/sleep/eat a little more/wake/eat a little more/nap schedule during the day, which was tiring and unpredictable. I was having a hard time getting everything done throughout the day since I felt like I was always nursing. Right now Aedan is down for his second nap (he was just as easy to put down again) and sleeping soundly. I have already had time to get ready, clean the kitchen and living room, and wash some laundry.

I’m sure we will have some bumps in the schedule here and there, especially in the evening when Aedan can be pretty fussy, but overall I think it is going to go well.

Aedan officially moved to his crib at night last Saturday night. He has been taking naps in there since our first week home, but at night he was sleeping in his pack and play bassinet in our room. After the first couple of weeks we moved his pack and play right outside our room because he is a loud sleeper. Then we figured if he is not in our room, why not just put him in his room since that is were he needs to learn to sleep anyway. He has been doing great and we have been sleeping better. :)


Apr 16, 2010

My Grandfather (Paw Paw)

On Easter Sunday my grandfather passed away. He was diagnosed with stomach cancer just six weeks before. He and my grandmother lived in Galveston and when we found out about the cancer I was already in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and could not travel down to see him. It all happened so fast and with Aedan being so young, Jon and I were not able to travel down for the funeral. I wish we could have been there.

I am so thankful that he was not in any pain and that my mom and her sister were able to be with him and my grandmother during his last few days. My mom said the funeral was beautiful and full of family and friends that loved him dearly. He was such a wonderful and sweet man. I have so many good memories of our visits together. I am sad that Aedan will never get to know his great grandfather but I know he will grow up hearing stories about him.

SchmittPhoto-032507-839 Dear Paw Paw, I love you always.



Apr 13, 2010

One Month

I can’t believe Aedan is already a month old! 


Aedan, here is what you have been up to:

  • You are weighing in at 10lbs and 9oz, which means you have packed on a little over 3lbs since we brought you home from the hospital! We had your 1 month check up today and the Dr. said you are doing great!
  • You wear size 1 in diapers and 0-3 month clothes fit you well (although pants and sleepers are still pretty long on you).
  • You LOVE to be held (in fact you usually hate it when we put you in your bouncer or swing)
  • You love to fall asleep on your daddy’s chest.
  • You like to lay on your tummy, especially on your play mat
  • You take most of your naps in your crib, and I think we are going to move you there for the nights very soon. You have a little bit of reflux so you prefer to sleep propped up.
  • You’re on a pretty good schedule: you wake up between 7 and 8 every morning, you usually take a short nap midmorning, then a long nap around lunch time, and a few short naps in the afternoon/early evening. We have a bedtime routine and you usually go to sleep between 8:30 and 9:30, then you wake up every 3-4 hours at night to eat.
  • You are doing great at nursing and you take a bottle just fine too (which means your daddy gets to help out with night feedings sometimes).
  • When you get upset (during diaper changes and after we get you out of your bath) we can calm you down with your pacifier. The only pacifier you will take is one we have that has a little frog attached. We named it Hurly and we take it everywhere.
  • You have already been to the Greenbelt 3 times and you LOVE to be outside.

We have had so much fun getting to know you and learning about your little personality. We can’t wait to watch you keep growing!


Apr 12, 2010

Our Weekend

Friday and Saturday Jon had to work onsite. On Friday he worked a 12 hour day and on Saturday he worked a 14 hour day and both nights he got home around midnight. Needless to say I covered all of Aedan’s night feedings Friday night. It was pretty rough. I’m not sure what happened, but instead of his typical wake up every 3.5 hours, eat and go right back to sleep, Aedan was awake and fussy just about all night. I was exhausted on Saturday and Aedan was still pretty fussy.

I had a hair appointment on Saturday; I thought Jon would be able to watch Aedan, but his job ran long so Aedan had to come with me (note to self; I need to find a babysitter for things like this!). Aedan did really well, despite being awake for the whole appointment! He finally feel asleep when she turned on the hair dryer at the very end.

Luckily Aedan seemed to be back on track and woke up twice Saturday night to eat and was back asleep in bed within 30 minutes of waking up. I felt so much better on Sunday after getting more sleep. :)

On Sunday we met up with some friends for lunch at The Garden Center Cafe and then ran some errands. We went by Home Depot and picked up some things for an upcoming front door makeover (I’ll post pictures when we Jon tackles the project).



Apr 11, 2010

Things We Love

Aedan is just about a month old and I just thought I would share a few of the things we use on a daily basis and love.
I love the Bravedo nursing tanks. I have a couple of them and wear one just about everyday, either under a t-shirt or hoodie. They make nursing super easy and I don’t feel like I am getting undressed every time my chunky monkey wants to eat.
When Aedan goes down for a nap, I usually turn on his Sleep Sheep. It makes a few different sounds, but I usually use the heartbeat sound.
At night and for his longer naps, we swaddle Aedan. He sleeps longer when he is swaddled up and I think it helps him fall back asleep after his night feedings. We started by just using regular receiving blankets, but he always got his arms out and they were kind of thick so we switched to a Swaddle Me (so he wouldn’t get hot). He could still get his arms out of that, but it worked pretty well. Earlier this week I picked up a Miracle Blanket since we only had one Swaddle Me. I really like the Miracle Blanket! He can’t get his arms out and it is easier to rock him while he is laying on our chests (since he has some reflux he needs to stay upright after eating).
After trying 3 or 4 different types of pacifiers, we finally found one that Aedan loves. He always has his hands up by his face (even in his ultrasound pictures) so I just knew it would only a matter of time before he started sucking his thumb. I would prefer he suck on a pacifier rather than his thumb. I know how to fade out a pacifier when he gets older, I’m not sure how to take away a thumb. :)
Anyway, he only uses the pacifier when he is really upset, like after we take him out of the bath or after a diaper change (he has had a pretty bad diaper rash so changes are not so fun for us or him). This is the only pacifier that will take. It’s perfect because the little frog rests on his chest/belly and helps hold the pacifier in since Aedan tends let it fall out of his mouth.
He will even grab onto the frog…too cute! (sorry for the poor picture quality, I took it with my iphone)
We also use our playmat everyday for tummy time or just when I need to get something done. Aedan also likes to sleep on his stomach so I let him take short naps on the mat (so I can keep an eye on him).
Those are just a few things we have used on a daily basis and have helped us get through the first month. I can’t wait to see what our favorites will be next month.

Apr 6, 2010

Weekend/Week Wrap-Up

Things around here have been going pretty well. We had a relaxing weekend (well as relaxing as the weekend can be with a 3 week old). On Saturday we stayed at home all day which was nice. We go some much needed yard work done and now our front yard looks much better. On Sunday we went down to the Greenbelt with one of Jon’s friend from work and his girlfriend. Aedan has now been to the Greenbelt 3 times in his 3 weeks of life…I have a feeling he is going to like being outside just like his dad.

Yesterday Jon had a job out of town for the day so it was just me and Aedan at home. He was pretty fussy in the morning, but I still managed to keep him happy (well pretty happy most of the time), clean the house and get all the laundry done. Yesterday afternoon Aedan and I went grocery shopping. I love the fact that we have a brand new grocery store right down the street. We used to drive about 15 minutes away because the old grocery store was so small and crowded. Having a new, big store so close is great with a baby. They also have curbside delivery. So after I paid for everything yesterday they gave me a number and put a matching number on my cart. Then all I had to do was drive around to the front and a couple of guys loaded all my groceries in my car for me.

Today Jon was working from home again and he took care of Aedan while I took a much needed nap this morning! Now that Aedan is asleep again I am going to start reading the new Jodi Picoult book House Rules. I put it on hold at the library a couple of weeks ago and it just came in (I’m pretty impressed it was so fast since its a brand new book).