Apr 21, 2010

Baby Schedule

Life around the Dechiro house is going well.

We were finally able to clear up Aedan’s diaper rash (I think he had it for just about 3 week, poor little guy). Diaper changes are much quieter now. :)

Aedan has been on a pretty good schedule, but I felt like he was “snacking” a lot throughout the day vs nursing well and getting a full meal every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. So, today we have officially started a flexible Babywise type schedule. I started by getting Aedan up at 7 (even though he had just eaten at 5:30 and probably would have slept longer, I want to try and get a consistent wakeup time down before I go back to work). He ate and then we had some wake time before he went down for his first nap around 8:15.

The Babywise book talks about setting up a eat/wake/nap sequence for during the day and then just a eat/sleep sequence at night. It says to watch for signs that your baby is ready for a nap so I paid more attention today and was surprised how easy it was to put Aedan down for a nap. Before today I felt like we were on a eat/sleep/eat a little more/wake/eat a little more/nap schedule during the day, which was tiring and unpredictable. I was having a hard time getting everything done throughout the day since I felt like I was always nursing. Right now Aedan is down for his second nap (he was just as easy to put down again) and sleeping soundly. I have already had time to get ready, clean the kitchen and living room, and wash some laundry.

I’m sure we will have some bumps in the schedule here and there, especially in the evening when Aedan can be pretty fussy, but overall I think it is going to go well.

Aedan officially moved to his crib at night last Saturday night. He has been taking naps in there since our first week home, but at night he was sleeping in his pack and play bassinet in our room. After the first couple of weeks we moved his pack and play right outside our room because he is a loud sleeper. Then we figured if he is not in our room, why not just put him in his room since that is were he needs to learn to sleep anyway. He has been doing great and we have been sleeping better. :)



Chelsa said...

sounds like you have a good schedule going!

i need to move C to his own room, but with selling our house i feel like that might be too many changes in a row and might mess him up b/c he is sleeping so well right now.

The Haynes Family said...

yay!! establishing a schedule during those first few months can be hard. Jackson is still on an eat/play/sleep schedule and I think it makes things easier :) He knows when he wakes up that it's food time (and he wastes no time telling me about it!!!). please give Aedan kisses from us!!! we miss you guys!