Apr 12, 2010

Our Weekend

Friday and Saturday Jon had to work onsite. On Friday he worked a 12 hour day and on Saturday he worked a 14 hour day and both nights he got home around midnight. Needless to say I covered all of Aedan’s night feedings Friday night. It was pretty rough. I’m not sure what happened, but instead of his typical wake up every 3.5 hours, eat and go right back to sleep, Aedan was awake and fussy just about all night. I was exhausted on Saturday and Aedan was still pretty fussy.

I had a hair appointment on Saturday; I thought Jon would be able to watch Aedan, but his job ran long so Aedan had to come with me (note to self; I need to find a babysitter for things like this!). Aedan did really well, despite being awake for the whole appointment! He finally feel asleep when she turned on the hair dryer at the very end.

Luckily Aedan seemed to be back on track and woke up twice Saturday night to eat and was back asleep in bed within 30 minutes of waking up. I felt so much better on Sunday after getting more sleep. :)

On Sunday we met up with some friends for lunch at The Garden Center Cafe and then ran some errands. We went by Home Depot and picked up some things for an upcoming front door makeover (I’ll post pictures when we Jon tackles the project).



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Chelsa said...

boo to not sleeping well :( doesn't make the next day much fun!

he is so cute- precious picture