Apr 6, 2010

Weekend/Week Wrap-Up

Things around here have been going pretty well. We had a relaxing weekend (well as relaxing as the weekend can be with a 3 week old). On Saturday we stayed at home all day which was nice. We go some much needed yard work done and now our front yard looks much better. On Sunday we went down to the Greenbelt with one of Jon’s friend from work and his girlfriend. Aedan has now been to the Greenbelt 3 times in his 3 weeks of life…I have a feeling he is going to like being outside just like his dad.

Yesterday Jon had a job out of town for the day so it was just me and Aedan at home. He was pretty fussy in the morning, but I still managed to keep him happy (well pretty happy most of the time), clean the house and get all the laundry done. Yesterday afternoon Aedan and I went grocery shopping. I love the fact that we have a brand new grocery store right down the street. We used to drive about 15 minutes away because the old grocery store was so small and crowded. Having a new, big store so close is great with a baby. They also have curbside delivery. So after I paid for everything yesterday they gave me a number and put a matching number on my cart. Then all I had to do was drive around to the front and a couple of guys loaded all my groceries in my car for me.

Today Jon was working from home again and he took care of Aedan while I took a much needed nap this morning! Now that Aedan is asleep again I am going to start reading the new Jodi Picoult book House Rules. I put it on hold at the library a couple of weeks ago and it just came in (I’m pretty impressed it was so fast since its a brand new book).


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Chelsa said...

i saw that book at the store- thought about buying it... let me know how it is!

the curbside delivery sounds AMAZING! i'm jealous!