May 31, 2009

What we did this weekend

Friday night I went to happy hour with some girlfriends. We enjoyed some margaritas and appetizers at Z-Tajas. When I got home Jon took me to Barnes and Noble to get a new book. I picked up The Help by Kathleen Stockett. I just started reading yesterday, but so far I like it. When we got home from Barnes and Noble I went to bed pretty early…2 margaritas from Z-Tajas will do that to you…next time just 1 for me. :)

Saturday morning Jon and I took our time getting ready. Once we got everything packed we took Hiro over to his friend Woodrow’s house and headed to San Antonio. We stopped by Home Goods on our way into town. We don’t have one in Austin and I have been wanting to check it out for awhile. It was supposed to be right on our way in, but unfortunately Google maps was wrong and it took us a while to find it. We finally made it and I picked up a few new bathroom accessories. I’ll save pictures for when Kelly features bathrooms on Show Us Where You Live Fridays.

After Home Goods we headed to our hotel on the Riverwalk. Jon had a job downtown Saturday night (which is why we went to San Antonio). We spent a couple of hours laying out by the pool and reading before heading down to the Riverwalk.


We enjoyed dinner and dessert on the Riverwalk along with a nice walk. Since it was Saturday night it was pretty crowded, but it was fun to people watch.

Jon had to work from 12 pm to about 3 am so I just hung out in the hotel and enjoyed the king size bed to myself. :)

We headed home this morning and Jon went straight to his soccer game (he is sleeping right now to make up for only getting a few hours of sleep last night). I picked up Hiro and did some cleaning around the house since my sister comes tomorrow! Then I headed to Barton Springs. Sometimes I wish we had a neighborhood pool, but having Barton Springs less than 10 minutes away is pretty great!


I hung out there for a couple of hours with some friends. We got hot enough to brave the 68 degree water a couple of times but mostly we just soaked up the sun.

Now I am home relaxing and waiting for Jon to wake up. All and all it was a great weekend!


May 29, 2009

Show us where you live


This week Kelly is featuring nurseries/kids rooms. Since this is the only kid’s bed I have,


I decided not to link up this week.

Here is Hiro on his bed…he looks totally freaked out because he is scared of my camera. Clearly I have scared him by practicing my picture taking skills (I should probably keep my day job). Of course the list of things Hiro is scared of would be too long to list.


Even though I didn’t link up this week…I did want to pass on the link to you. I know there are tons of beautiful rooms and ideas to be shared by checking out the people that did link up. So grab something to drink (if you are anywhere near me, it needs to be an iced drink since it is going to be in the high 90s today), get comfortable and go check out all the rooms at Kelly’s Korner.

Jon and I have some fun plans for the weekend and I will hopefully remember to take lots of pictures, so check back soon.


May 28, 2009

Because it’s fun

Even though I wasn’t tagged I saw this post on two blogs I read and thought it was a fun idea.

Eight things I’m looking forward to:

  1. Out door yoga tonight
  2. Only having to work until noon tomorrow
  3. Friday night happy hour with some girl friends
  4. Going to San Antonio with Jon on Saturday
  5. My sister coming to visit next week
  6. Getting a pay raise starting June 1st
  7. My post-opp appointment on Monday…I think we are starting clomid soon!
  8. Not having class ALL summer

Eight things I did yesterday:

  1. Hung out in a first grade classroom (school shadowing for my favorite client)
  2. Had a home session with a little guy…who screamed 75% of the 3 hours I was there…ugh!
  3. Enjoyed a great dinner that Jon made when I got home from my long day (Jon makes dinner just about every night…I’m so lucky!).
  4. Went to my small group meeting
  5. Watched the TiVoed season premier of Jon and Kate Plus 8…I don’t know what to think about them anymore
  6. Typed up my timesheets for the second half of  the month
  7. Wrote a blog post even though I didn’t have much to talk about
  8. Had to wash my new white shorts with bleach because they got mustard on them at lunch…which is what I get for wearing white while eating lunch with a bunch of 1st graders (no worries, the bleach did it’s job, and my shorts are as good as new)

Eight shows I watch:

  1. Brothers and Sisters
  2. Grey’s Anatomy
  3. The Bachelorette
  4. The Real Housewives of…
  5. 18 Kids and Counting
  6. 20/20 – I know, I’m a dork!
  7. Just about anything on HGTV
  8. LOST…can’t believe I have to wait until 2010 to see the final season!!

I tag everyone who is reading this and needs a good idea for a quick post.


May 27, 2009

Just a quick mid-week post

I’m trying to blog almost everyday…even though I don’t feel like I have much to say…sorry if its boring!

I just got back from my small group. I’ve been meeting with this group of girls for about 2 years. We stopped meeting in January. Three of the girls have had babies since then, so we were all a little busy. We just started meeting, on a regular basis, last week. I’m glad we are all getting together again. We are reading the book of James through a study guide written by Max Lucado. We have done a couple of his books before and so far this one has been good.

I’m just about finished with my newest book…Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult. I love her books and I have read most of them.


I am so excited because the first Jodi Picoult book I read, My Sister’s Keeper is going to be a movie. Its a great book and they are not just making a Lifetime movie, but a big screen movie! You can bet I will be seeing it as soon as it comes out.


I know movies are never as good as the books, but they are still fun to watch.

So, does anyone have any advice on what I should read next? I am looking for some good fiction novels for the summer.


May 26, 2009

Guess what I’ve been watching…

I’ve been watching Jillian on the Bachelorette…I know, I know, but I can’t not watch it! I’ve been watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette since my freshman year of college (I probably watched it before that, but that year specifically stands out to me). I lived in a all girls dorm at Baylor and I think everyone on my end of the hall, 3 Sorta South, watched the bachelor. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure all 6 floors of girls watched the show. Every week you could hear girls up and down the hall and tell how we all felt about each rose given (good choices and bad choices…anyone remember Gwen??). I am pretty sure I have not missed a season sense.

Last season I found out about this blog. If you watch the show, you HAVE to check out this blog. It is absolutely hilarious. She hasn’t posted a recap from last nights show yet, but it will be up later this today. Be sure and check out her recap from last Monday’s show…Jon even found it pretty fun. :)


May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Jon and I decided to use our day off do to some more work on the pergola. I know, once we get started we can’t seem to stop! We have a few little items left to take care of, but I think we are done with big changes for a while.

Here is what we did today…







This should help create some shade later in the day when we will be spending the most time out there (after we train vines to grow up it).

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day! We are so thankful for all those who have/do serve our country.


May 24, 2009

Look what we get to enjoy this summer!

Yep, Jon finished up the pergola today (well, mostly)!! I am so proud of him, this was his first big construction project and it looks absolutely amazing!!


We have been slowly taking our backyard back from Hiro. It used to look like this…white trash, I know!


We rarely ever went out there and when people would come over I would close our sheer curtains so no one could see outside. Now it looks like this…


Because of the shadow you can’t tell, but our whole yard is green grass…something we have never had before since the people that lived here before us didn’t take great care of the yard and as you can see we didn’t either up until this year.



Amazing right?!?! We have a few more plans such as a landscape area in the back corner. Also, we will be cutting off the excess post from the top of the pergola, adding a cross slats to provide additional shade, and staining\sealing it a cedar color. We want to buy a few more things for the patio (some potted plants and a chiminea). But oh my goodness, we can actually be proud of our backyard!! We are hoping to have lots of cookouts back here this summer.


May 23, 2009

-insert creative title here-

Last night Jon had to drive to San Angelo for work. :( Luckily he was able to get the job done quickly and made it home by 2 today. I spent my Friday night cleaning the house, going to the grocery store and making zucchini bread muffins. Even though it was a pretty boring Friday night, I was able to get everything done so that I can enjoy my 3 day weekend!

This morning Hiro and I meet up with my friend Jesse and her dog Normy for a walk around Town Lake. It was great to get outside and walk, but it was so hot and humid…we are going to have to start meeting up earlier.

After lunch and a shower I decided to do some shopping. Usually I try to stay away from the mall on the weekends, but I’ve been wanting to get some new shorts for the summer and since it is already hot here I thought now would be a good time. I found some cute ones at the Gap and they were 50% off…yay!  I got 2 pair of bermuda jean shorts (denim and white denim). They are perfect because I can wear them to work, but still feel comfortable playing outside with my kiddos during my sessions this summer.

When I got home Jon was back and our friend Jason came over to help with the pergola. A big storm was rolling in, but they were able to get carriage bolts into all four corners so now the frame is ready to hold up all the rafters. They headed to Home Depot to get the supplies Jon will need to put up the rafters tomorrow, then they are picking up pizza. I love pizza and movie nights, it makes it even better that it is rainy outside. :)

I promise I will post pictures of the pergola once Jon starts getting the rafters up.


May 22, 2009

Look what Jon has been up to…

First he built the flagstone patio, remember…


This week he started on the pergola. He started by digging holes and filling them with concrete in order to place the brackets that hold the posts (he did that a couple of weeks ago). You can see one of the cement corners in the this picture.

He started putting up the frame yesterday and finished it up this afternoon.




Not bad right? I think it looks great! Tomorrow he is going to do some finishing touches to the frame and then start putting up the rafters. We should be enjoying the pergola by Memorial Day!

We have to let the wood sit outside for about 2 weeks and then we are going to use a stain/sealer to finish it in a cedar color…we saved big bucks by not using cedar. We should get close to the same look with the stain. All we really care about is the shade we are going to be able to enjoy in the hot afternoons this summer. :)

More pictures tomorrow.


Show us where you live – dining rooms


Yay, it’s Friday again! It’s time for Show us where you live. This week’s room is dining rooms. We don’t technically have a dinning room, but I missed out on the first week (kitchens) so I’ll show you our dining room/kitchen.

Here is the first picture…


I LOVE our table, its bar stool height which makes it perfect for parties. It opens up to a full square to seat 8, but we keep it a rectangle for everyday use…although I won’t lie, Jon and I typically eat dinner together in the living room while we watch a movie or a TV show. See the fresh flowers on the table…I try to keep some flowers on the table at all times. I get them from the grocery store (for $4) every few weeks. I got the idea from my sister.

Second picture…sorry its a little dark, I was in a hurry.


With some help from my mom and her best friend, Jon and I did the walls ourselves last summer and we LOVE them. You can kind of see outside where we are currently building a pergola. I helped Jon out yesterday afternoon and we made some good progress, but he called his friends and replaced me for today and Saturday…goes to show you how helpful I was. Although I can’t say I am sad about it…those boards are HEAVY and it was H-O-T. Anyway, the pergola should be done by the time Kelly features garages and yards so come back!

That’s our dinning area, thanks for stopping by!! If this is your first time, feel free to take a look around. I love making new blog friends so leave me a comment so I can come check out your blog.


*Update…I realized I never gave any explanation on what we did to the kitchen walls. I’m not sure what the technical term would be, but I call it mudding. We started by applying joint compound over the walls with a trowel. This part goes pretty fast, but definitely takes some technique. In order to look right everything has to be random. Once that was dry, we painted the walls a creamy white. Then we added stain over the walls to bring out the mud texture. Jon wiped on the stain, while I followed behind and wiped it off. All the credit goes to my mom’s best friend. She does this for a living and is amazing! I was lucky enough to work with her a several projects while I was in college. I was able to pick up a few things, plus she was willing to come down and help with the mudding portion of the project.

May 18, 2009

Hiro says he’s sorry

This is the email that I had to send to my parents today. First, a little background…when my parents were in town for Mother’s Day weekend their dog Rubi stayed with us. When I took her back to my parents I forgot to bring her bed, so it has been in our living room waiting for my Dad to come to Austin on business and pick it up. Well this morning this is what Jon and I came home to.


Um, yes that would be the bed that doesn’t belong to us. And no that is not popcorn, that would be the foam stuffing that used to belong inside the bed.

Dear Rubi,

I am writing to say that I am sorry, because I may have definitely destroyed your bed. My mom and dad went to breakfast and I guess I thought they were not coming back, or maybe that they went to the park to play without me. Anyway, I got a little bit mad and started chewing on your bed (which I was laying on at the time). Well, one thing lead to another and before I knew what was happening I had torn a big hole in the bed. Since there was a big hole, I started pulling out the stuffing…you know how exciting tearing up pillows can be. When my parents got home I knew they would not be happy and I was right. They told me that you get to pick out a new bed and I will have to pay for it out of my allowance. I will lick as many hands as I have to in order to pay for a new bed for you.


I’m sorry, I hope you will still be my friend.

Love, Hiro

Poor guy, look at that face…he was so sorry. We are just thankful is was a replaceable dog bed versus our couch cushions.

Lucky for Hiro my parents love him, so I think all is forgiven. :)


May 17, 2009


Jon is home! His plane landed at 2 pm. He got home around 2:30…it doesn’t hurt to live less than 2 mile from the airport when you travel frequently. As soon as he got home we headed to a bbq that one of my professors was having. Poor guy, he worked from 8 am until 12 pm straight yesterday, then got up and on a plane at 8 am this morning, flew home and then had to go straight to a party. He was a good sport and we had a great time. There are only about 15 other people within my masters concentration so my professor throws a party at the end of each semester for everyone. It is nice to see everyone outside of class with their significant others. After the bbq  we headed to Costco (our favorite shopping place) and then to HEB, to stock up on some healthy food including lots of fruits and veggies. We usually eat pretty healthy and we don’t eat a lot of meat, but lately we have both been really busy and lazy so we’ve been eating out more and not keeping up with our typically veggie heavy diet…needless to say we both feel pretty blah. So we stocked up on some healthy food and we are going to get back on track. By the way we both had half a veggie burger for dinner at the bbq…yum!

We came home and enjoyed some time together with a glass on wine out on our flagstone patio. I love that we have a comfortable place to relax outside. Once Jon finishes the pergola I think we are going to throw a party of our own to show off his hard work. 

Now we are about to start a movie. I have 3 easy weeks ahead of me before my summer work schedule starts (even then it will be pretty light) so I am going to enjoy the light work load and NO school. :)


May 16, 2009

Change of plans

This morning, after sleeping in with Hiro (he gets to sleep on the bed when Jon is out of town) I realized that my plans for the day would need to be changed. As I started turning off the various lamps I had left on all night (shh, don’t tell Jon, but when he goes out of town I sleep with a couple of lamps on around the house), I realized that it was super dark outside. When I looked outside this is what I saw.


Huge black clouds rolling in (not that you can tell from this picture because I used my flash and took the picture through a window). Believe me it was dark. My plan was to mow the lawn (I know, I’m that talented) and then take Hiro to play at auditorium shores…clearly that wasn’t going to happen.  I was also going to go check out some open houses in the area, but no one wants to go out in pouring rain. So I promptly changed into some lazy clothes and made myself comfortable on the couch. Oh and if you are wondering what the white spot on the corner of the ottoman is check out this post.


I have pretty much been getting my fill of HGTV, TLC, and Lifetime all day. I also checked out a movie via our Netflix instant queue…we can instantly transfer a movie to TiVo and watch it…very cool. I did go out and run some errands do some shopping at Target, but that is pretty much it.

Now that my homemade chocolate chip cookies are done, I am going to settle back down in my spot and watch another movie. :)


May 15, 2009

Weekend, here I come

I was feeling pretty good today so I decided to go to a team meeting this afternoon. We typically have TM every other week. Its perfect because all the therapist, parents, and the consultant are able to sit down together and make sure we are all on the same page with programs, make needed changes and talk about any issues/behaviors that have come up since our last meeting. Anyway, with this particular client we have only been having TMs once a month since everything has been running smoothly. All that to say, I didn’t want to miss this meeting since we don’t have them very often. I’m glad I went…it was good for me to get out of the house.

Jon had to leave for Albuquerque tonight :( he won’t be back until Sunday afternoon. That means its just me and Hiro this weekend. Tonight I am planning on getting comfortable in my spot on the couch and enjoy some good TV time. Tomorrow morning I am going to do some house work, take Hiro to play and then I am going to check out an open house at some condos in our area. No, Jon and I are not looking to move anytime soon, and even when we do move it will most likely not be into a condo…can you imagine our 85lb dog who enjoys all things outside in a small condo…ya, me neither. So why am I going? Well I have always been a sucker for an open house or model home. Seriously I love looking at houses…maybe I should have become a realtor?? Anyway, my sister-in-law is a realtor and she told me I should come check out these condos…so I am. Who knows maybe I will even drive around and look for some model homes…I’ll try to bring back pictures of any good decorating ideas I come across.

Oh speaking of decorating ideas check out this great idea that I found today. I may try it out this weekend, since I need some fun pillows for our bed.

Happy weekend everyone!


May 14, 2009

Show us where you live – guest bedrooms


It’s time for Kelly’s Show Us Where You Live. This weeks edition is guest bedrooms.

We used to have a traditional guest bedroom complete with a full size bed and a nightstand, but about a year ago we decided to reorganize our rooms to make them more functional. We have a small house and while we have visitors form time to time, we don’t have them enough to justify using a whole room just for those few occasions. So we invested in a studio daybed, from where else, but World Market of course. It is comfortable as a couch and it also folds out into a single bed for overnight guests. This room is “Jon’s room” so I haven’t done too much in here yet. My plan is to add some color to the walls and some mistreatments to the windows while keeping it the manly room Jon wants it to be. Currently it is most used for Jon’s regular conference calls for work, and occasional frequent X-box playing.


Did I mention this is the smallest bedroom in our house? I had to stand in the closet to get this shot.


So that’s our guest bedroom, thanks for stopping by! If this is your first time stopping by, feel free to take a look around...I try to post little craft and DIY projects every few weeks. Leave me a comment so I can come check out your blog, I love making new blog friends! :)

Check out more guest bedrooms over at Kelly’s Korner.


Because I can’t just sit still

I got bored watching TV today so I thought I would do a quick craft project.

I took these 3 things…


And made this…


I like it in its new spot on the kitchen counter.


Here are the cabinets pretty much all done. They don’t look perfect, but I am pretty happy with them. There are a few places where the paint is not exactly even, but at least it’s done.





*The bath rugs were in the washing machine when I took this picture.


Surgery went well

Yesterday was a pretty long day…my surgery was supposed to be at 1pm so I could not eat or drink anything  from midnight on. The surgery center called me at about 10 am and told me my surgery had been moved to 2 pm. By the time we got home (around 5 pm) I had not had anything to eat or drink for 17 hours. That along with feeling pretty groggy from the anesthesia left me not feeling so great last night. I ate some toast when I got home and went to bed for a couple of hours. Jon was a great caretaker and made sure I was comfortable. He went out and got me dinner from Pei Wei (unfortunately I wasn’t up for eating it, but it will be good for lunch today).  He also picked me up some Motrin. I am going to try not to get my pain killer prescription filled, and so far I think I am okay. I have been taking the Motrin pretty regularly, but I slept well last night and this morning I am feeling much better. I have today and tomorrow off work so I am just going to take it easy.

Later today if I am up to it, I will be finishing up the cabinets. The 2 coats I have done so far look great. I just need to paint the backs of the cabinet doors and then hang everything back up. Pictures to come soon!

Okay, Jon just made me breakfast so I am going to go enjoy it. :)

May 12, 2009

A new look and a few days off

I’ve been wanting a 3 column blog for awhile now. After trying a few things myself (that didn’t work out so well), I got some help from Leslie over at Lamberts Lately. She has a cute blog and very reasonable prices…check her out if you want a new look! I am loving having more space on my blog…thanks Leslie!

To go along with my new blog I thought I should make a new header and background. I think this one is perfect for spring/summer. I got the kit from Shabby Princess, for free!

Today was my last day of work for the rest of the week. Tomorrow I am going to have some minor surgery done. Nothing too invasive, but I am still a little nervous. :( I am trying to stay up late so that I will sleep in tomorrow morning…my surgery is not until 1pm and I can’t eat or drink anything after midnight. Speaking of which, I should go have one last snack before the clock strikes 12. :)

My cabinet facelift is going really well…sorry no pictures today, but once I am done I will post some of the finished product. I applied 2 coats of paint to the cabinets and the front of all the doors this afternoon. Later this week I will finish up the backside of the doors and hang them back up. I think they are turning out really well…not perfect, but they will look much better than before.


May 11, 2009

Cabinet facelift: part 1

Sunday morning I decided to embark on my next home improvement project…painting the bathroom cabinets. As I mentioned in a previous post I decided to “practice” on the bathroom cabinets in hopes that it will turn out great and I will be ready to paint my kitchen cabinets.

I was so eager to get started that I forgot to take an official “before” picture. This is the best I could do. I had already taken off the hardware and was about to start cleaning and sanding. This is the guest bathroom, I also did our master bathroom (envision the exact same cabinet/sink).


Here is the part 1 “after” picture. I forgot to use a flash so its a little dim, sorry.


There’s the flash! That’s what the doors look like after cleaning, a little sanding and 2 coats of primer. It was pretty easy and both bathrooms only took me a couple of hours (including a little HGTV watching while the paint was drying).


Today on my way home from work I am going to pick up the paint we will use. Tomorrow I only have to work until noon, so I am going to finish up the project Tuesday afternoon.

Stay tuned for cabinet facelift: part 2


May 10, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to the moms, and grandmothers that are so very special to us. We love you all so much!!






“A mother is not a person to lean on,
but a person to make leaning unnecessary.”

- Dorothy Fisher-


May 9, 2009

Our Mother’s Day weekend so far

My parents drove down from Plano yesterday to spend Mother’s Day with my grandparents. Last night Hiro and I meet my parents and their dog Rubi at Auditorium Shores. After the dogs got some energy out, swimming and playing, we made our way across the street for a picnic in the park. We enjoyed fried chicken, homemade potato salad, Texas caviar and brownies for dessert. It was all delicious! Even though yesterday was the hottest day of the week down here, a humid 98 degrees, by the time we ate around 7 it was feeling pretty good outside.

This morning I got up and went to another outdoor yoga class. It was pretty hot, but I still really liked it. There is something about working out outside that makes it better than being in a gym.

This afternoon Jon and I went up to my grandparent’s house in Round Rock. My parents were there along with my aunt and uncle. One of my cousins came with his fiancé. They have a house literally about 3 miles from ours, yet we only see each other at family functions like today. We decided we are going to try to do a date night or something soon. It was great to see everyone and spend some time with my grandparents. We really don’t get up there as much as we should. Hiro and Rubi had a blast together…in fact she wanted to come home with us when we left.

On our way home we stopped by Home Depot. Jon wanted to get some hooks to hang up our bikes in the garage. We are trying to clean out the house, including the garage and get more organized. While we were there I picked up the first round of supplies that I will need to paint our cabinets. I am going to start in our bathrooms since we eventually want to replace those (if they don’t turn out it won’t matter). I am a little nervous about painting them. I have painted many cabinets before so its not the process that I am nervous about, but our cabinets are on the cheaper side, so the frame of the doors are wood, but the middle of the door is laminate…does that make sense? I am worried the paint will look different on the two surfaces. I got some good primer so hopefully that will help. Anyone have any advice on painting these types of cabinets? My plan is to start tomorrow…stand, clean and prime. Then next weekend I will do the actual painting. I promise to take pictures throughout each step.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you!


May 8, 2009

Show us where you live - Living rooms

Today, I’m showing off my living room over at Kelly’s Korner. Her blog is amazing and I’m pretty sure I check it out about once a day. Every Friday she is having everyone post pictures of specific rooms in their house. I think its a great idea and its so fun to see everyone’s spaces (not to mention get some good decorating or craft ideas)! :)

Ok so here is our living room. Nothing special, but it is definitely were we spend 90% of our time at home.

This is the view from our entry way. We have a pretty small house (1200 sq ft), but it feels bigger and I think it is mostly because the living room and kitchen feel like one big space. We love having it so open. When we have people over, everyone can spread out in either room but still feel like they are part of the group. The door on the right goes to our bedroom. The blue accent wall is probably my favorite part of the living room. I also love the walls in the kitchen. You can’t tell very well from this picture but I mudded, painted and then stained over the walls (with help). It turned out great!


Here is the room from the kitchen. The table, entertainment center and end table are all from World Market and I love them! I borrowed took the iron wall hanging from my parents garage. It fits perfectly above the table. The hallway leads to our 2 other bedrooms, the 2nd bath and the laundry room.


Here is the last view, from the hallway. That’s Hiro on his little spot. He would much rather be on the couch, but we are trying to nip that habit. I am not a big fan of the black couches, but Jon bought them before we meet so I really didn’t have a say. We aren’t ready to replace them yet, but some day I hope to get a more neutral brown or tan in here. We are also pulling up the carpet and installing wood floors later this month!! Yay!


Thanks for checking out our space!


May 6, 2009

Half way through the week

I took my last final yesterday! It wasn’t bad at all, except we had to take it on the computer in class. My computer only messed up once and thankfully I was only on #25 out of 100. I needed a 79 to make a solid A in the class and I got an 89 on the exam so I should be good to go. :) Tomorrow night I have to go to my other class, but I just have to sit and listen to other groups present. Jon says I can’t really celebrate being done with school until tomorrow night, but I consider myself done already.

Last night after our final, my friend Jesse and I celebrated with margaritas at Trudy’s. We had a blast. Next week we are planning on getting pedicures to start off our summer.

Tonight since I didn’t have ANY studying to do I decided to try out an outdoor yoga class. A couple of weekends ago when I was walking around Town Lake I saw a group doing yoga and I picked up a flier. Apparently the instructor leads a class every weekday evening and weekend mornings. Its free for anyone to come a join, she just asks for donations. Tonight was the first opportunity I had to try it out and I LOVED it. I am going to try and go twice a week and maybe some Saturday mornings over the summer. The class meets on a pier that looks over a pond with a fountain. It across from Town Lake so it’s not as crowded. I have never done yoga outside before, and it was definitely great.

Another highlight for the week…Jon and I have caught up to season 5 of LOST. In fact we are going to be totally caught up just in time for the season finally next week. :)

May 3, 2009

A glance at our weekend

It’s hard to believe it’s already Sunday. I think I say that every weekend, but they just go by way too fast.

This weekend was nice and relaxing. Friday night Jon and I decided to get our errands run. We had dinner at Mighty Fine Burgers (they have amazing strawberry lemonade), and then we headed to Costco and HEB.  When we got home we watched a few documentaries on Netflix. Jon signed us up and not only do we get movies in the mail, but we have an online queue and we can watch things instantly through TiVo.

Saturday I spent the early afternoon studying for my final at La Madeline's with my friend Jesse. We got a lot of studying done, and I think we are going to do well on our final this Tuesday. Saturday night we hung out with our good friend Jason. We finally got to have dinner at Home Slice. It is a pizza place on Congress that is always packed! They were having a slow night and we still had to wait about an hour for a table. Luckily they have a patio out back and we were able  to get drinks and appetizers to hold us over. All and all we decided the pizza was good, but probably not worth an hour wait. After dinner we walked up to our favorite dessert place, Hey Cupcake. Yum!!

Today we headed to the Pecan Street Festival on 6th St. It was fun, but very hot and crowded. Now we are home and I think a late afternoon nap may be in order. I have a little more studying and some cleaning up to do tonight, but for now its time to relax.

Count down update: on summer break in 4 days! :)