May 15, 2009

Weekend, here I come

I was feeling pretty good today so I decided to go to a team meeting this afternoon. We typically have TM every other week. Its perfect because all the therapist, parents, and the consultant are able to sit down together and make sure we are all on the same page with programs, make needed changes and talk about any issues/behaviors that have come up since our last meeting. Anyway, with this particular client we have only been having TMs once a month since everything has been running smoothly. All that to say, I didn’t want to miss this meeting since we don’t have them very often. I’m glad I went…it was good for me to get out of the house.

Jon had to leave for Albuquerque tonight :( he won’t be back until Sunday afternoon. That means its just me and Hiro this weekend. Tonight I am planning on getting comfortable in my spot on the couch and enjoy some good TV time. Tomorrow morning I am going to do some house work, take Hiro to play and then I am going to check out an open house at some condos in our area. No, Jon and I are not looking to move anytime soon, and even when we do move it will most likely not be into a condo…can you imagine our 85lb dog who enjoys all things outside in a small condo…ya, me neither. So why am I going? Well I have always been a sucker for an open house or model home. Seriously I love looking at houses…maybe I should have become a realtor?? Anyway, my sister-in-law is a realtor and she told me I should come check out these condos…so I am. Who knows maybe I will even drive around and look for some model homes…I’ll try to bring back pictures of any good decorating ideas I come across.

Oh speaking of decorating ideas check out this great idea that I found today. I may try it out this weekend, since I need some fun pillows for our bed.

Happy weekend everyone!


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