May 18, 2009

Hiro says he’s sorry

This is the email that I had to send to my parents today. First, a little background…when my parents were in town for Mother’s Day weekend their dog Rubi stayed with us. When I took her back to my parents I forgot to bring her bed, so it has been in our living room waiting for my Dad to come to Austin on business and pick it up. Well this morning this is what Jon and I came home to.


Um, yes that would be the bed that doesn’t belong to us. And no that is not popcorn, that would be the foam stuffing that used to belong inside the bed.

Dear Rubi,

I am writing to say that I am sorry, because I may have definitely destroyed your bed. My mom and dad went to breakfast and I guess I thought they were not coming back, or maybe that they went to the park to play without me. Anyway, I got a little bit mad and started chewing on your bed (which I was laying on at the time). Well, one thing lead to another and before I knew what was happening I had torn a big hole in the bed. Since there was a big hole, I started pulling out the stuffing…you know how exciting tearing up pillows can be. When my parents got home I knew they would not be happy and I was right. They told me that you get to pick out a new bed and I will have to pay for it out of my allowance. I will lick as many hands as I have to in order to pay for a new bed for you.


I’m sorry, I hope you will still be my friend.

Love, Hiro

Poor guy, look at that face…he was so sorry. We are just thankful is was a replaceable dog bed versus our couch cushions.

Lucky for Hiro my parents love him, so I think all is forgiven. :)


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Nicki and Mathis said...

our dogs ALWAYS chew up their beds. it drives me crazy!!! this post is too cute! hiro is so thoughtful!!! :)