May 9, 2009

Our Mother’s Day weekend so far

My parents drove down from Plano yesterday to spend Mother’s Day with my grandparents. Last night Hiro and I meet my parents and their dog Rubi at Auditorium Shores. After the dogs got some energy out, swimming and playing, we made our way across the street for a picnic in the park. We enjoyed fried chicken, homemade potato salad, Texas caviar and brownies for dessert. It was all delicious! Even though yesterday was the hottest day of the week down here, a humid 98 degrees, by the time we ate around 7 it was feeling pretty good outside.

This morning I got up and went to another outdoor yoga class. It was pretty hot, but I still really liked it. There is something about working out outside that makes it better than being in a gym.

This afternoon Jon and I went up to my grandparent’s house in Round Rock. My parents were there along with my aunt and uncle. One of my cousins came with his fiancé. They have a house literally about 3 miles from ours, yet we only see each other at family functions like today. We decided we are going to try to do a date night or something soon. It was great to see everyone and spend some time with my grandparents. We really don’t get up there as much as we should. Hiro and Rubi had a blast together…in fact she wanted to come home with us when we left.

On our way home we stopped by Home Depot. Jon wanted to get some hooks to hang up our bikes in the garage. We are trying to clean out the house, including the garage and get more organized. While we were there I picked up the first round of supplies that I will need to paint our cabinets. I am going to start in our bathrooms since we eventually want to replace those (if they don’t turn out it won’t matter). I am a little nervous about painting them. I have painted many cabinets before so its not the process that I am nervous about, but our cabinets are on the cheaper side, so the frame of the doors are wood, but the middle of the door is laminate…does that make sense? I am worried the paint will look different on the two surfaces. I got some good primer so hopefully that will help. Anyone have any advice on painting these types of cabinets? My plan is to start tomorrow…stand, clean and prime. Then next weekend I will do the actual painting. I promise to take pictures throughout each step.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom, I love you!


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Bonnie said...

Dad and I had a great time on Mother's Day visiting with Lauren, Jon, Grandmom, Grandad, John & Kathy, Clay & Deanna. Lauren, Dan & I had a special picnic Friday evening with Hiro and Ruby and the dogs certainly got a great swim and enjoyed just playing around together.

I love your special Mother's Day dedication and pictures. How special! Your gift and especially your card is something I will treasure always. What a special bond we have! Even though we live far apart, I always feel like a part of your life through your writing. You do an amazing job of making your life so much fun to read about. Make sure you print these excerpts out for safe-keeping. Years from now, you will love to look back and read them. We love you very much!