May 22, 2009

Look what Jon has been up to…

First he built the flagstone patio, remember…


This week he started on the pergola. He started by digging holes and filling them with concrete in order to place the brackets that hold the posts (he did that a couple of weeks ago). You can see one of the cement corners in the this picture.

He started putting up the frame yesterday and finished it up this afternoon.




Not bad right? I think it looks great! Tomorrow he is going to do some finishing touches to the frame and then start putting up the rafters. We should be enjoying the pergola by Memorial Day!

We have to let the wood sit outside for about 2 weeks and then we are going to use a stain/sealer to finish it in a cedar color…we saved big bucks by not using cedar. We should get close to the same look with the stain. All we really care about is the shade we are going to be able to enjoy in the hot afternoons this summer. :)

More pictures tomorrow.


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The Haynes Family said...

"damn it Jon, you're making husbands all over the world look bad" -Steven