Jul 24, 2009

Just About 6 Weeks

I am 2 days away from being six weeks pregnant! Yay! So far I have just felt really tired. Last week I was feeling pretty bloated, but now, either I have gotten used to the feeling or I am not quite so bloated.

Here is my 5 week picture (we are going to try to take a picture every week).


I had my blood taken for the third time yesterday morning…so far here is how my hCG levels have looked (I can’t remember the exact number so I rounded a little when I put them in the calculator)

My first hCG levels were around 300 and taken 17 days after my LH surge.  My second hCG levels were around 900 and taken 19 days after my LH surge.

Chart 1.aspx

Looking good so far!

Yesterday I had my third test and my hCG levels were around 13,000 at 5 weeks and 4 days pregnant!


My doctor says everything is looking good, so I won’t have to get tested again. We are right on track to have our first ultrasound on Tuesday….I will be 6 weeks and 2 days!



Christine said...

I've been "blog stalking" you for a couple months now...thought it was about time I said hi and congratulations!! :) I'm so glad you are sharing your pregnancy with the blog world. I'm a nurse (well almost, I graduate in 12 days haha) so I am loving the hCG charts. What does your doc say about the chance of twins? There's a 7-12% chance with the use of clomid. I'll probably be starting clomid in a few months. Fingers crossed it works...I have baby fever bad! I don't blog very often, but I imagine starting a family will give me a reason to! haha Anyway, best wishes with everything! Congrats again! :)

We're Expecting! said...

How exciting?!?! Tuesday will be here before you know it. I've got my first ultrasound at 6 weeks and 3 days which will be Friday.

Just Thinking Out Loud said...

I concur with Christine, I think the possibilities of twins is not out of the question. Soon we will know for sure.